Porsche Racing News

Porsche Racing News…News to me at least. Here are some things I came across over the past week.

Porsche headed to Formula 1 – Lyndon, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers, sent me a link to this one. It seems Volkswagen is considering entering Formula 1 with Porsche being one of the brand candidates. Audi and Volkswagen are also in the running from VW’s point of view. Funny, VW motor racing boss Kris Nissen mentioned Skoda, Seat and Bentley would not be great candidates. I’m sure you’d have a lot of happy drivers cruising around the track Bentley style! [Via GlobalMotors.net]

Porsche Hybrid has a great showing at the Nürburgring – I know this is old news to all you racing buffs, but I have to mention it because I think it’s so freakin cool. The fact that Porsche has developed (or purchased) a leg up on the competitors is pretty amazing. If you don’t already know, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS Hybrid was in the lead, after having led for a number of hours, right up to just over the 22 hour mark in the race. An engine failure took them out of the race that was arguably theirs to lose. I was wondering this morning how other companies must be scrambling to deploy similar hybrid technology in their cars. [Via Wired.com]

Looks like we’ll see the Porsche 911 GT3-R Hybrid race in the States this year – According to AutoWeekRacing.com, Porsche is targeting the Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta on Oct. 3 for it’s first Stateside race in the new Porsche 911 GT3-R Hybrid. After how well the Hybrid did in the Nürburgring, it will be interesting to see how it places in other races. Back on the engine failure during the Nürburgring, one of the people on the Porsche team mentioned they were much more concerned about the reliability of the flywheel system and not the flat-six engine which has proven to be bulletproof over the years. [Via Autoweek.com]


  1. I love this segment, I’d love to see Porsche in F1 but my moneys on Audi. Audi is a direct competitor to Mercedes and It would recall their Auto Union glory days, good marketing. Also they seem to be cutting their Le Mans efforts.

  2. Is mid American racing news is steal around from ohio??