TECHART Noselift system & 911 Turbo Engine Performance Kit

Couple of TECHART upgrades that have come out in the last week or so that look interesting.

TECHART noselift system for Porsche 911 GT3/GT3 RS

This seems pretty cool. With the press of a button, you can raise the front of your Porsche 911 GT3 or GT3 RS 60mm to save that precious front spoiler. As ridiculous as this may sound, I think I’d actually find it pretty useful. I had a Dodge Magnum SRT8 for a year and a half that I was constantly scraping the front spoiler on curbs and sidewalks when I parked. I finally just started parking way back. Something like this would have been mighty handy.

Here’s the full press release:

The homogeneous combination of uncompromising sportiness and daily on-road suitability – TECHART is confirming one of its basic principles once again. From now on TECHART is offering the TECHART Noselift system for the Porsche 911 GT3 and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS of the model year 2010.

Parking garages, ramps, speed humps and curbs are no longer an obstacle. 60 mm of additional ground clearance at the front spoiler are provided with the push of a button to prevent grounding through hydraulic ride-height control at the front axle.

By pushing the button in the interior of the vehicle the driver is activating the system at standstill or while driving – with an automatic lowering at over 37 mph. The hydraulic TECHART Noselift system is convincing with a rapid height adjustment of 10 mm/s, highest technical reliability, trouble-free backfitting, perfect vehicle integration as well as a TÜV certification.

TECHART engine performance kit for Porsche 911 Turbo

The second upgrade is aimed at the Porsche 911 Turbo and giving it’s lackluster performance extra punch. Too bad companies like TECHART are having to pick up the slack for Porsche’s poor performance numbers. Yeah…RIGHT!

This kit comes in two stages. One that adds 70 hp increasing 0 to 60 times to the 3.2 second range. The second brings the total horsepower to 620 and will turn in sub-3 second 0 to 60 times. I’m sure I could find a new addiction to the extra power despite the 911 Turbo’s already stunning performance figures.

Here’s the full press release:

For the current facelift version of the Porsche 911 Turbo TECHART unveiled its comprehensive individualization program at the Geneva Motor-Show in March. As always, the aim was to create something unique and individual from something already special. The result has arrived: the TECHART engine performance kits TA 097/T1 and TA 097/T2 provide the Turbo with an extra punch and even more power in two stages.

Convincing personality
What sets the TECHART engine performance kits apart is their impressive power in every dimension. Excellent acceleration figures and a top speed up to 333 km/h underline the experience and skill of the TECHART engineers in the further development of the engine systems. As all TECHART products, the performance kits convince due to highly functional quality and perfect crafting.

Performance kit TA 097/T1
Fitted with the TECHART engine performance kit TA 097/T1 and added 70 hp compared to the series model, the Porsche 911 Turbo accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. The forward propulsion stops not until 324 km/h. The boost in performance is made possible by optimized engine control and the use of a TECHART Sport air filter.

Performance kit TA 097/T2
620 hp and a maximum torque of 820 Nm – the TECHART TA 097/T2 engine performance kit enables driving enjoyment with the 911 Turbo to reach astonishing levels. The engine conversion involves the installation of a TECHART Sport air filter, TECHART manifolds and the TECHART exhaust system “Sport”. All modifications are perfectly attuned to each other via the reprogrammed engine management. As a result, the Porsche 911 Turbo attains driving performance attributes which establish it as one of the fastest sports cars in the world. 0 – 100 km/h in extraordinary 2.9 seconds, the 200 km/h barrier is broken in further 6.4 seconds. The top speed of the sports car with an 3.8 l engine is a stunning 333 km/h.


  1. James O says

    pretty cool, one of our customers has a Diablo with bracket and skate board wheels tucked up under the nose. not as trick as this but it does work well.