Porsche Carrera GT Video

This is one stinkin cool video on the Porsche Carrera GT. Don’t be fooled by the RS opener. About 30 seconds into it, the Carrera GT portion takes over. I love this guy’s voice too. Perfectly cast for the video in my opinion.


  1. Sweet video and a sweet car. Would love to drive that thing.

  2. I think the carrera gt is a sick car and looks amazing without the top, i know it’s not a convertible, but i haven’t seen any videos on youtube of people storing the roof. it would be a shame if it didn’t fit in the car, in case it rains.

  3. You certainly can see where the 918 gets it’s good looks.

  4. Flowbee: The top does stow in the front trunk.

  5. Yes thats the case flowbee, The roof panels store in the front trunk…one last thing to worry about when it rains while in your CGT…Because you will need your energy to focus on keeping control of that beast on slippery wet roads …Caution or the results could be potentially as disastrous as a bar of soap on the shower floor 🙂

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