Crazy Rally Racing Video

James C. sent me this video last week. It’s a behind the driver point of view of what looks like a similar race I posted a video of a few months ago. Sit close to the screen and you’ll feel like you’re right there with him in the race. Some great driving. Make SURE you watch to the end. It’s worth it. Thanks James!


  1. Allright who is more insane the drivers or the fans? Looks like fun right up to the end.

    • James, I was thinking the same thing. Especially at the end there when he rips around a corner and there are fans really close to the track. One slip and he’d be right into them.

  2. There is something about going real fast, on a tight course, on uneven terrain, that excites me to my core.

  3. The next thought is could I be the driver or the navigator? I would like to give it a try. I owned a WRX and it took nearly seconds to transition between 25 to 95. What a rush

  4. That wears me out just watching it. What an exciting race to watch or drive in.

  5. I think that rally racing would be the hardest type of racing to be good at. This driver seems to need a bit more practice or a better navigator. Way cool crash but not with such a nice RS.