Porsche Design Indicator Watch

I happened across this Porsche Design Indicator watch recently that’s up on JamesList.com. It’s 1 of only 50 that will be produced. The watch is manufactured by Eterna who makes all of the watches for Porsche Design. They only make between 2 and 4 per year on request. When they reach 50, they’ll stop making them.

This is a 2008 model and is listed for $134,309.

The big numbers and hands are very cool looking along with the 10-hour chronograph. The power reserve indicator is one of the fanciest available. Basically it is a series of disks that drive the indicator that goes from green to red as the power runs out. When you wind it, the power reserve indicator fills up with green again.

I have to say, this is one sexy looking watch. I’m a big watch fan, but this is WAY out of my league. Fun to admire from afar though. You gotta check this one out on JamesList.com here: Porsche Design P’6900 Indicator.


  1. That is definitely a cool watch. Would love it.

  2. Wow. And I thought the tag hauer watch I just bought was expensive! Looks awesome nontheless.

  3. GT3-Watch, GT3-watch, Hmmm hard choice.

  4. Ryan, got the formula 1 chronograph watch. Not quite the porsche indicator watch but definitely an upgrade over my timex military watch!


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