New Porsche Cayenne Web Special – Unbelievable!


I attended a Google/YouTube event yesterday and was completely floored by one of the examples the Google Maps dude showed us. It’s a crazy mashup of Google Maps along with images pulled from Panoramio that are tagged with the location they were taken by users who uploaded them. The site is a Web Special for the Porsche Cayenne and you simply have to see it to believe it.

To get the to the cool stuff, jump out to the microsite here: Porsche Cayenne Web Special. Once you launch the web special, click on the Get in. Drive off. button. Select your Cayenne, then enter a Start location and Destination. I’d suggest trying big cities to begin with. Your route will be plotted on a Google Map, then your visual journey will begin. Pay close attention to the images in the mirrors and in the reflection on the car.

Un Freakin Believable!!! This has got to be one of the coolest uses of this technology for entertainment purposes at least. And the fact that Porsche used it for one of their cars makes it all the more richer.

Don’t stop with just one route. Try different ones and see what you see.

Porsche Cayenne Web Special


  1. Took a while to load, but that was worth it. Very cool.