And The Winner Is…

Brad has picked a winner (no, it wasn’t himself) for our Project Roxster renaming contest. From Brad:

This was a little harder than I originally thought because they were all good efforts (except yours Andrew!  you can’t be surprised you get called out for that effort…or lack of…lol)

I narrowed it down to  a few I liked a lot and of those they tended to be simple yet befitting and smart. The entries with explanations really got my interest and they showed thought behind them. I liked those.

Ultimately what would I want to see emblazoned on the engine cover of my personal car? James O. got it with Boxster GSGT, and I have to say he won by a narrow margin, it was close. There were some great efforts that just as well could have done the job, but James O. edges out!

So congratulations James! And a big thank you to Brad for coming up with the giveaway idea and choosing the winner. Thanks too for everyone who participated.

We’ve got 2 more giveaways (maybe 3 if I can get one sorted out) coming up over the next few months. I’ll be launching a new one by next week at the latest.


  1. Damn!

  2. Very cool, funny I was second guessing myself today.

  3. Boooooooooo


  4. Good job James, we will have to wait and see if Porsche gets wind of this contest.