New Shark Werks 997 GT3 Track Exhaust

Alex over at Shark Werks sent me an email this past week letting me know about a new exhaust system they released designed to save weight in the rear as well as increase horsepower and torque. Coupled with their EVOMSit software tuning, you have some decent performance gains while also enjoying a cup car-like sound.

The video has some great footage of the car on the street as well as on the dyno. They also have a great segment showing the installation of the exhaust system.  Pretty amazing how simple it is.

The thought that kept going through my mind is, “I want a job where my company owns a couple of Porsche 911 GT3’s that I can play around with.”



  1. I REALY REALY want a GT3.

  2. I REALLY REALLY want a GT2.

  3. Thanks fellas… the GT3 is a helluva car;)