Porsche Hibernation Preparation

Photo by Gottfried Bechtold

Normally I would add this to the Weekly Porsche Wrap, but I think this topic is worth calling out and highlighting since it’s an important one for many to consider. If you’re one of those people who treat their Porsche like a member of the family with a heated garage, only the best maintenance procedures, and never let your beauty see anything but golden sunshine, then this post is for you. You’re most likely getting ready to put your obsession to rest for the winter.

John over at PorschePurist.com has put together a follow up to his yearly post about how to winterize your Porsche. He’s done an excellent job with detailing the process and is a MUST READ for anyone considering putting their Porsche away for the winter.

Check it out here: How To Winterize Your Porsche by PorschePurist.com.

For the rest of us who drive our Porsches year round, try and take it easy on those who put their Porsches away for the winter as they tear up seeing you enjoy your ride on a sunny winter day. In fact, maybe we should all commit to giving a Porsche Hibernationist a ride in our Porsches this winter. Might be that little something extra that keeps their spirits up over the Porscheless!


  1. well i will need to remember all of this when i eventually get a porsche and need to put it away for the winter..

  2. A lot of good info there, that will be good to refer to when needed.

  3. Ya sure, i will join your site soon………..

  4. Got snow tires for my boxster, also have an SUV too. I’m prepared for the new england winter that has yet to arrive…

    • Joe, that’s awesome! Maybe you can send us some footage of you in your Porsche sliding around some snow covered stretches of road this winter.

  5. Will do! I heard Houston,Tx got snow today but we’ve yet to get any, go figure… Hopefully soon I’ll get some snow days and i get some some nice pictures.