Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche Roxster spy shot – God bless the 20 cameras in various forms we carry with us every day. Phones, pocket cameras, DSLRs, iPods, iPhones, laptops, etc. Seems like everything we carry has a camera on it. That enables us to ferret out formerly secret operations by car companies like Porsche and post them online for the world to see. Today it’s the Porsche Roxster caught testing in California. A forum member on VW Vortex Lounge snapped this with his cell phone. Not super detailed, but interesting nonetheless. And surprising that they’re testing in Cali. [Via LuxVelocity.com]

Save 22 pounds on your 911 GT3, GT3 RS or Boxster Spyder at just $132 per pound – Porsche recently introduced a lighter battery option for the starter in 3 models coming in 2010. The Lithium Ion SLI (starting, lighting ignition) battery will run about $2900 for European models. An option for cars destined to the U.S. has yet to be announced. Worth it? That’s a good question. How about filling up with a little less gas, or shedding the extra 40 pounds you’ve been carrying around on your body for the last 10/20 years? If you’re already a lean, mean, racing machine, maybe the new battery option is all you have left. [Via TheTruthAboutCars.com]

Porsche’s debt expected to disappear after VW merger – The Internet has been abuzz the last week with news, speculation and opinions about Porsche’s acquisition by VW. One good thing is the massive amount of debt that Porsche has accumulated, roughly $17.2 billion (yes, BILLION) will all but disappear once the merger with VW is complete. Guess VW has some pretty deep coffers. I’m still not in love with the whole VW takeover. [Via NYTimes.com]

What’s the price for delays causing you to have to wait even longer for your new Panamera? – The answers is Free Luggage! The first 200 Panamera owners are going to receive a custom set of Porsche Panamera luggage worth $5000 because they’re beloved new 4 door Porsches have gotten held up at the port. Turns out there was a software issue with the new fancy keyfob. Porsche claims the problem has already been resolved on nearly half the cars with the rest to be taken care of shortly. A Porsche spokesman said, “The free luggage is a way for Porsche to thank customers for their patience.” [Via NZHerald.com]


  1. In other news, Porsche sales jumped 18% in November. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091201/ap_on_bi_ge/apfn_us_porsche_auto_sales_1

  2. If you’re that concerned w/ 22lbs you probably don’t need a passenger seat, or a CD player, or power windows, or ……