Porsche Design Contest Winner’s Bounty


Since neither of the people I sent Winner’s Bounty to for our little Porsche spotting contest have responded on the blog with thoughts or comments about what I sent them (Andrea, our winner, and Ruthless Bookie, who put in a day taking pictures to make this happen), that means either they didn’t receive what I sent or think the prize sucked. I’m guessing it’s the latter which is okay, but I did want to at least let everyone know what was up for grabs.

It was a Porsche Design P3140 Shake Pen. I’m a big pen fanatic and decided to go with the P3140 for a couple of reasons. As the picture shows, it’s a little smaller than a normal pen, which is actually kind of handy for throwing in your pocket, but the coolest part about it is the shake mechanism for extracting and retracting the ballpoint tip. You hold the pen like normal, then shake your wrist a bit and the ballpoint pen pops out. Shake it again and it retracts. Personally, I think this thing is sweet.

After much debating I chose the rubber clad version because I thought it made the pen feel very Porsche-esque. Also I’ve found that some type of textured housing makes for a better experience in smaller pens like this. I tried one of the pens out and loved how it felt. I’m going to order one for myself!

Any other pen fans out there?


  1. I have a Bic pen that I use for class. I’m quite the pen aficionado, I know.

  2. Pen fan here. Nice choice!

    I completely missed this activity/ competition!


  3. I would probably be a pen enthusiast except that often when i have to use a pen it means i`m writing/signing a check to someone else….I really dont like signing checks as much as i like cashing them lol … All kidding aside, Looks like a cool pen!

  4. At work I generally use cheaper pens but I’m definitely particular about which pen I use. My favorite right now is a Pilot G2 .38 blue ink.

  5. Hey Ryan, Sorry I haven’t responded yet. I have been busy with our wedding and away on our honeymoon for the last two weeks. Typing on a phone right now and will be home tomorrow to see the nice prize.

  6. @Andrea – congrats on winning the pen, but an even bigger congratulations on your recent wedding/honeymoon!

    I love pens myself – as is evidenced by the 10 or so I have collected and keep in my work bag all the time. 🙂 That pen looks really cool (and it’s Porsche Design which really ups the coolness factor), but I prefer rollerball to ballpoints. Although that shake mechanism does seem like it would be cool to check out.

    @Ryan – where are you able to try one of these out? Somewhere in the Portland area?

    • @Andrew – I’m not sure if Paradise Pens is still open downtown, but that was a great store. Could try anything in there and they had a lot of very cool pens.

  7. whoa, i want one!
    Where can i get one from Ryan?

    T’will be good to pair with my non-existent 911

  8. Niiice, I am still on the posters list!

  9. I think Ruthless has either locked himself in his undisclosed bunker or converted to Prius Perfect. Who was it he said he would outlast?

  10. Thank you Ryan for the contest. I Love my pen, it is the nicest pen I have ever had or will have. Thanks again.

  11. Congratulations Andrea.