Weekly Porsche Wrap

2 more lives saved by a Porsche – What is it about serious crashes in Porsches? Lots of dumb drivers I’m sure. Fortunately a number of them end with serious injuries being avoided (which I’m unresearchingly chalking up to driving a Porsche). This time a couple of teenagers were out joyriding in daddy’s Boxster, took on a 70 foot drop and landed right side up with no serious injuries. Crazy! Check out PorschePurist.com for some video footage. [Via PorschePurist.com]

What do you do with a 911 automatic? – That’s easy…convert it to a 6-speed manual. check out this quote by Joe O’Dell, a Seattle Porsche owner: “I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE … I just converted it from a four-speed automatic to a 993 C2S six-speed manual. I love this particular 911 model because it’s the perfect blend between the classic look of the previous generation and the advancement in engine and suspension technology from the new generation.” Why he didn’t just look for a manual to begin with, I don’t know. [Via NWSource.com]

Need a testosterone boost…Drive a Porsche! – No that’s not taken from the Bad 80’s Marketing Campaign Slogans file, it’s the results of a study done at Concordia University. 39 young men were tested driving 2 different cars: a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet and a 16 year old Toyota Camry. Saliva samples taken after driving the Camry? From no change to a slight drop. Saliva samples after driving the Porsche? A “significant” increase in testosterone was shown. Can’t wait to buy my mid-life crisis Porsche. Bring on the testosterone! [Via Elephant.co.uk]

Possible Porsche supercar design? An Iranian named Emil Baddal drew up the following design representing what he thinks Porsche’s next supercar should look like. Unfortunately it looks an aweful lot like a Veyron. At least we know what his inspriration was. I still like seeing these drawings and dreaming about what the next ultimate Porsche will look like.

[Via Mibz.com]


  1. I don’t think that looks like a Veyron at all. I really like this design, and at least the guy isn’t claiming to be 8 years old like that last design you posted. 🙂

  2. I think a successor to the CGT will have to do a lot better than that. I did see a concept drawing that really did a good job…if only i could find it! But this effort does not work at all to beat a CGT in style. But i wont disrespect the effort

  3. I think that picture is awful. Looks a lot like something from need for speed 2 back in the day.