Janis Joplin’s Porsche

It’s always interesting (and sometimes downright scary) to see what people do with their cars to imprint their personal style and tastes on them. This is especially true of people with money, which is often where the scary part comes into play.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I think of Janis Joplin’s Porsche. I’ve had this sitting on my To Post list for quite a while, but just couldn’t figure out what I’d say about it, so it’s just sat there. Maybe this is one of those cars that looks better in person than in pictures. Regardless, she definitely made a statement with her car, aptly named “Summer of Love.”

The car is on permanent display at the Whitney Museum in New York in case you want to stop by and check it out.

[Source: Rockhall.com]


  1. Nope, looks as ugly in person as it does in a picture.

  2. I think all of as humans have fallen victim to “seemed like a good idea at the time” You could file that one there, But then again thats who/what Janis was……Another canvas would have been better though 🙂

  3. Well it has provenance for sure. must have been fun to look at while on acid. I wouldn’t want to have to restore it and try to recreate the paint job.

  4. Just saw the Porsche family tree commercial During the F1 race on speed. Excellent.

  5. Looks like a case of more money than common sense. That’s probably why she’s dead.

  6. @James – I just saw the same Porsche commercial twice while watching the Oregon Ducks game.

    Don’t like the painting on the Porsche. Good point above to save it for a canvas and keep the car looking good.

  7. I love both Janis’ Porche and Lennon’s Rolls Royce for what they say about the superficiality of status symbols when they are not acquired through the proper set and setting of a psychedelic experience. That both artists saw through the illusion of ‘status seeking’ is why their work lives on. The cars themselves are works of art in their own right of course.