Porsche Spyder Coming

I just came across pictures of the coming Porsche Spyder this weekend (where have I been?!). Looks pretty cool with some design cues from past Spyders, but a nice looking design that matches the current model lineup.

The above picture is from Auto Express (a UK magazine) who also reported the following high level stats on the 2013 Porsche Spyder:

  • Platform based on the soon to be released Audi R2
  • Folding canvas roof, similar to the Boxster
  • Entry level version will be outfitted with a 200 hp engine reportedly coming from the Golf GTI
  • Sport version could have a beefed up version of the same engine producing 280 hp

Since we’re talking about a lighter, smaller car than the current Boxster, performance should be pretty solid. This promises to be a very desirable special Porsche I bet all of us could enjoy.

As a side note, the original Porsche 550 Sypder was unveiled at the 1953 Paris Motor Show. Designed for racing, the compact two-seater was tricky on the road and could become a handful when not piloted by an experienced driver. Most of you will recall James Dean died when he crashed his (aptly named “Little Bastard”) in 1955.

[Picture & Source: AutoExpress.co.uk]


  1. I`ll probably get flogged for this ….Not feeling that at all. The front end styling doesnt work for me.

  2. Making a car that fits in below the current boxster makes no sense. The boxster has had pretty much the same design for the last 12 years. This is more than likely a design refresh finally.

  3. Selvin, I would welcome this car to be a replacement for the “entry level” spot. The Boxster has come too far to be thought of as entry level (in the negative aspect the term is often used) and it would lose that title…Maybe that moves Porsche to experiment with some higher end tweeks to the Boxster, Horsepower namely! 🙂

  4. This is probably the Porsche version of the VW roadster that was on the show circuit this year. Like the Cayenne it is VW based and now with the merger is probably a going to be a reality. For the new owners it makes good sense does anybody really believe that VW makes a good sports car, probably not, but Porsche has a long and trusted record of building world class sports cars. Remember nobody thought Honda could make a luxury car so along came Acura.

  5. I wish they could do it sooner than 2013.

  6. thanks but no thanks – an engine coming from VW – it will be like the porsche 924 with the Audi engine : disaster….

  7. A GTI engine and not a Porsche engine. This is what I was afraid of when VW got controlling stock of Porsche. Now we will get bastardized, multi-manufactured cars and then they will call them “Porsches”. Makes me sick.

  8. This is the new Porsche Boxster Spyder for 2013. They have been making this car since 2010. Its a limited edition. They sold about 360 in 2010, 450 in 2011.
    Awesome driving car