Tempting Porsches #22

Haven’t featured any Tempting Porsches for a while. Despite seeing lots of great cars over the past couple of months and some very tempting deals.

Tempting Porsche #1

The first Tempting Porsche on our list is a 1968 912 Turbo Look. I probably don’t even need to explain why this is on my Tempting Porsche list (hint: “Turbo Look”). Paul actually sent this one over to me during one of his Porsche hunt escapades on Craigslist. Here are some details on the car from the ad:

Relisting due to canceled deal. 1968 Porsche 912, 4 cylinder, 4-speed. Upgraded body kit done with factory Porsche parts except flares and whale tale. Porsche engine with electrical upgrades and Weber carbs needing rebuild. Interior is complete, some remaining parts need to be installed.HRE 3-piece wheels, new tires. All glass good.

Have all parts to finish. Needs very little body work prior to paint. Ran great prior to parking, but has been sitting for about 3 years in storage, have now lost my storage and have no place to work on it, need to sell or trade. Will look at all offers/trades for street bike/daily drivers/ or what have you.

Asking Price: $5800 obo

This car has a lot of potential as a project car, especially if you could get it for around $5k. In fact, I just saw a 3.2L engine from a 1988 for $5500 obo. Drop that bad boy in there, do a few more upgrades and you’d have a great driver. Course, that’s coming from an armchair mechanic. My mind still loves the possibilities.

Tempting Porsche #2

The second car on our list for today might make a few of you yell at me in the comments, but it’s still tempting to me. It’s a 1955 Speedster Replica. Here’s what the ad says:

Gorgeous and immaculate. A real head turner. Silver. 1971 VW pan. 2180 cc powerful engine.

Asking Price: $11500

I would LOVE to own a Porsche Speedster some day (who wouldn’t?!), but the reality is, even when I can afford one, I don’t know that I could bring myself to drive it. The cool thing about a solid replica is you could drive it anywhere and just enjoy it. And most people would have no freakin clue it wasn’t the real thing.

A Porsche 356 Speedster has got to be one of the ultimate top down cars to drive on a sunny day. I waffle back and forth on whether I’d want something a little more souped up or more of a purist ride. Would be a blast though and I don’t think a replica would really bother me.


  1. Both cool “temptings” ! On replicas….I dont see anything wrong with a well done effort. Its the fiero conversion variety that get the “bleccchh”

    I know some kits get in on the “C” wave and they are bastards of a bastard crap. (like some of the TOO many Cobra kits) But some are true tributes to the original car and their purpose serves as allowing driveability. Original speedsters and cobras, ..so low in number and so rare…fear of being the person everyone knows as risking wrecking one of them if you were fortunate to have the funds is too much pressure lol

  2. I think I’d like to get a Targa, under 10k…don’t care about mechanics, but body and interior must be good

  3. My thought on the 1968 is it would be a fun car to fix up and use as a driver or even track car. Also, it just seems to me like the 911 style is so far ahead of its’ time. Maybe we should call the 911 ‘timeless’.

    The speedster would be a fun car to have and drive in summer for sure.