Ruthless Bookie Teaser


For the 20 or so of you who entered our latest little giveaway, today was the BIG day Ruthless Bookie packed up the old point and shoot and hit the streets in search of all the Porsches he could find. The shot above is a little teaser and happens to be the first shot of the day. Here’s what he had to say:

The reason I was in the middle lane was to get out of the way of a Ferrari 550, it flew by, and as I was deciding to move back into the left lane, I saw the Carrera coming, so I stayed in my lane and grabbed the camera. I was doing 75, and both cars made me feel like I was doing 25. Nice start to the day!

Should have the full story and all his pics in the next day or so. Plus, I’ll tell you, we have a definite winner. Won’t need to mess with a drawing on this one. I’m sure that will bring some relief to Brock!


  1. Sweet!

  2. Doh! I’m just guessing that my estimation was low…

  3. I can’t wait to hear what everyone guessed – I hope everyone discloses how many they thought I’d get.

  4. I always miss something, too much happens in too few days around here.

  5. Don’t you guys have speed limits over there? Or don’t the police enforce them? The cops around here are always looking for speeders.

  6. Jeff, we have very tough speed limits, and the Connecticut State Police have a reputation as being very aggressive with speeders – including an extensive fleet of un-marked muscle cars.

    If you can afford the Porsche, you can afford to pay the ticket.

  7. 72 baby!! I feel lucky