Porsche Racing Through Paris

Not for those who get motion sick…I’ll tell you that! This is a pretty sweet video of a guy named Claude Lelouch made in 1976 blasting through the streets of Paris. Every boy’s dream isn’t it?!

UPDATE: A couple of you corrected my error on this being a Porsche. It’s NOT a Porsche, but still a dang cool video. I found this video a few weeks ago and can’t remember why I thought it was a Porsche.


  1. Ok this is more like it than the latest round of cruelty to Porsche vids we been seeing here lately lol

    This is the type of vid i like to see (and hear!!) The throttle blip rev matching on the downshifts were cool!!

  2. cool video, but its not een porsche

  3. I love this movie – I actually commented about it a few months ago.
    Sadly, it is not a Porsche. It is actually filmed from the front of a Mercedes with the sounds of a Ferrari 275GTB dubbed over the top.

    Still an awesome movie though.

  4. Afraid so:



    Until recently, there was no confirmation of who was driving or what car he was driving. Over the years, various sources claimed an F1 driver was at the wheel of a Le Mans Matra 675, Ferrari 275 GTB, or an Alpine A110. However, Claude Lelouch confirmed on his official website in March 2006 that he was driving, and it was a 6.9 litre Mercedes.

  5. I’ve long liked this film.

    However, try listening to it without the sound and, all of a sudden, the car doesn’t seem to be travelling as fast. I keep meaning to track the route on a map of Paris and see how far he travels. Note that you can no longer drive past the Louvre like that.


  6. Ok, Le Mans aside what are the best Porsche movies or movie clips?

  7. I went on google maps and tried to figure out the speed. Judging by the angle of his approach to the Arch D’Truimph he could only be traveling down one of four roads. I back tracked to the beginning and it appears he comes off Boulevard Lannens, around Place Du Marchal and right onto Ave Foch. From that turn it is approximately 4400 ft to the Arch D’Truimph and he covers that in 40 seconds. If my math is right he is traveling approximately 160 mph.

  8. According to Mercedes the top speed of a 450sel 6.9 is 140 mph, according to Wikapedia Brock Yates tested on to 150 mph.

  9. Pretty cool video. Looks like some pretty crazy driving to me…

  10. from wiki:

    Calculations made by several independent groups showed that the car never exceeded 140 km/h (85 mph)[3], while another[4] estimated that the car had peaked at 220 km/h (136.7 mph). Lelouch himself claimed that the top speed achieved was over 200 km/h, somewhere between 230 km/h and 240 km/h.[5] It is suggested that the sound was dubbed with the noise of Lelouch’s Ferrari 275GTB, which has a corresponding number of gears and a similar engine note.

  11. Sorry I really F’d up on the math I guess I should have googled the equation instead of trusting my math skills. 4400 ft in 40 seconds is 110 ft per second. the correct speed is 75mph. Looks like its time to take some remedial math classes.