Weekly Porsche Wrap

Man reunited with his Porsche after 5 years – This is one of the great things about Porsche cars. By and large, they don’t tend to travel long distances from where they are sold. This enables a story like this to happen. Evidently Bob Minnott, a Seattle, WA resident, sold his 1996 Porsche 993 C4S, and after 5 years and missing it so much, he bought it back. A great looking car too. [Via NWSource.com]

Pair of Porsche Vigilantes chase down a man in their Porsche – I really can’t imagine we’d get away with this here in the States. Matt Spezza and  Ryan O’Conner were on their way to a concert when a woman jumped in front of their Porsche waving her arms and saying she had been sexually assaulted by a man giving her a ride home. Long story short, the pair in the Porsche chased down the attacker and helped police apprehend him. At one point they were racing through the streets of Ottawa at over 100 mph blowing through red lights, passing on the shoulder, etc. Sounds like a chase scene straight out of an action movie. [Via OttawaCitizen.com]

Porsche could sell 150,000 units – I don’t know if the new Porsche CEO, Michael Macht, is just drinking the VW koolaid or really believes this, but that’s what he told the German paper Welt am Sonntag in an interview. At least he put a more realistic time frame on it of mid to long-term and said new models would be needed to accomplish the goal. I still like the idea of Porsche selling 75,000 or even 100,000 units a year rather than 150,000. I like the relative exclusivity of Porsche ownership and think it contributes a huge amount to the draw of the marque overall. [Via Reuters.com]

First wrecked Porsche Panamera – Sorry, this is sad, I know, but WreckedExotics.com has pictures of the first (that we know of) wrecked Porsche Panamera. Fortunately this was just a fender bender, but still… Hate to be the guy who was responsible for defiling Porsche’s latest creation! [Via WreckedExotics.com]


  1. That is a crazy story about those two guys chasing the bad guys through the streets of Ottawa. Glad no one was hurt in the chase and glad the Porsche came out of it all ok.

  2. I agree w/ Jeff – that was a wild story.
    I can’t seem to find the Panamera pics on wreckedexotics. Hrmm…

  3. … I found the pics. They are here — just click next to see the others.