Sad Porsche Video

We’re just going to make this Video Friday. It’s sunny out. One of the last nice days of summer we’re going to see in Oregon before the rain and cold hits hard, so I’m celebrating with videos!

Ruthless Bookie and Paul both sent this over to me. Sorry Porsche fans.


  1. Why you guys doing this to me today? !! You better have a nice video for Monday morning to make up!! 🙂

  2. Hey Brad, there you go Boxster needing minor body work for sale cheap.

  3. James O ..Yeah!, I`ll save her and bring her back better than before,We have the technology!… The six million dollar Porsche!…Or call me dr frankenstein…Monster Boxster!…Its Alive!!!! 🙂

  4. Sad day for that car. What was up with the bus driver???

  5. That is horrible… What in the heck was the bus driver doing???? Texting?

    • @Andrea, that’s a great question. I wondered the same thing. At least there weren’t people over on that side of the road.