Porsche Boxster Speedster Pics

The Internet was abuzz late last week with reports and spy shots of a coming Porsche Boxster Speedster. It appears the car has a redesigned front bumper, new side intakes and a larger rear spoiler. You also have the usual speedster “hump” over the retracted roof (at least based on the pictures I’ve seen).

As for power, it’s anticipated the Boxster Speedster will use the current 3.4 liter flat-six currently found in the Boxster S. That will give the car around 320 hp. A new suspension will give the car better stability at high speeds. Be interesting to see if Porsche ends up beefing up the powerplant a bit. At the very least, given that Speedsters are usually devoid of many creature comforts to save weight, performance should be improved even with the same Boxster S engine. Other features to be included are new alloy wheels and Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) technology as standard equipment.

The Boxster Speedster is expected to make it’s debut to the world at the LA Auto Show in early December. Everyone is hoping for a 2010 model year.

Check out MotorAuthority.com for more spy shots of the car.

[Source & Picture: MotorAuthority.com]


  1. Looks great, would love to upgrade to this or a new boxster S.

  2. I am eagerly waiting to see the example that makes the auto show rounds…I am sure that look gets me going!!

    The Boxster a great candidate for a speedster!!…..Would you expect me to say otherwise? 🙂

  3. That really would be a cool car. I hope they follow thru with it.

  4. That is a HUGE improvement. I like where their heads are at.
    I agree that it does need a power boost though.

  5. This car would be a great place for Brad to start with his project, the lower weight can only accentuate the power upgrades. The only down side is if this is a limited production car do you tune it or leave it stock?

  6. James O …You bring up a good point! …If it was a limited production….I would feel as strongly (against) about tuning it as i do those pimped out CGT`s Ryan posted about a ways back!

    If it is limited, I guess an “off the lot” 987 will have to do lol…..so i have to strip off some undercoat and tear a few door panels off myself 🙂

    But damn…..a widebody speedster though!! lol