2011/2012 Porsche Boxster Spied

Motor Trend originally reported this as a likely candidate for the 2012 Boxster model, but Global Motors is calling it a 2011 model. Regardless of who you believe, you’ll want to check out the footage above of the test Boxster blasting around the track at the Nürburgring.

Most of the changes are fairly subtle. The more obvious ones are the small, LED tail lights and the shape of the tail light opening with it being quite a bit more squared off than the current model. Whether those changes are permanent, we’re not sure of.

The car, from a side profile view, definitely has a more bulky look to it with what they’ve done to the rear fenders. Personally, I like the look and hope they keep that style in the production model.

Should be a great next generation of the Boxster model.

[Via MotorTrend.com]


  1. Nice …. Does in fact look a little more stout and i like that!

  2. it looks like they are making it out to look more like the 911 to me. but i dont know anything…

  3. That looks pretty nice.
    Hey, does anyone know what the actual function those blue contraptions provide on each of the four wheels? Individual wheel speed, camber or ??????

  4. It looks like two different cars one without the wing. I think the rear lights are mock ups, its hard to tell what the rear looks like with the disguise.

  5. test cars rarely resemble the production models

  6. thats pretty much true bookie…But there seems to be some design elements that could likely come to be when you read the article.

    Jeff W, I think that could be yes and yes. (to keep tabs on understeer/oversteer , body roll, weight transfer) I`m guessing too really

  7. That is a great video. I was kind of hoping that bus might give him a little nudge – just to see what the reaction was like when someone wrecks a million dollar car.
    The back end does look strange with those lights. I can’t peg what it reminds me of, maybe the RX-8 a little bit or something. It will be interesting to see what it looks like unveiled.

  8. This car is definitely wider than previous boxsters, also. I like that. That is what was done with the 911 over the years, I think with very nice results.