Results: And The Winner IS…


Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the Winner Countdown timer ticked to ZERO this weekend and with NO response from the person who’s name we drew over a month ago now. That means we WILL be drawing another winner. Have we drawn it yet? Nope. Will we be doing that this week? Yep. Will we post the results here? Uh, seriously?!

We’ll draw another winner very soon and hopefully get this car to it’s next good home!


  1. is it ok for Jeremy to release Daniel from his dungeon now?

  2. new poll: will the next winner be

    1. someone we know
    2. someone we’ve never heard of
    3. we’ll have another drawing in October

    • It’s heartwarming how impatient all you potential winners are. Not that I’d be any different. We’ll get this thing going. Hopefully without too much harm coming to Brock in the process.

  3. Can’t wait to see the next video or however you announce it and yes I am excited to see who the lucky person will be. I think it will be one of the regulars, based on odds.

  4. I like option 3 Ruthless .. that seems more fun. Drag this thing out as long as we can.

  5. I feel bad for Daniel whoever or wherever he is. wow! No kidding!

  6. How about you keep the “competition” going for another year…I miss the familiar faces and the arguments we had.

  7. Sorry Russ, I’ll be around the site for a long time to come, but I don’t think I could wait that long. It’s obvious that the reason a lot of people were here was just for the giveaway so unfortunately the arguments have subsided as they’ve all gone away. I’d be more than happy to see some more James/Jeremy catfights or to tell lar off again, but sadly, many of them have left (yes, I see you up there Jeremy).

  8. Youre going to have to give a carrera gt away if you are going to drag this out for another six months. as it is the tension has caused me to chew off all my fingernails. Altough if you do that Brad will hunt us all down and put us in Jermeys dungeon. It puts the lotion on the skin.

  9. I think you should have given away parts of the Porsche to different people so they’d have to share it, and live together for 6 months, who ever is still alive at the end gets to keep the car. VH1 would have made it into a kick-ass reality series

  10. I think VH1 would stay out of this one, they have too many problems on their hands with that megan wants a millionaire show.

  11. @James O lol,…. Yes if goes 6 months and a CGT is the prize…I will and can play dirty!!!…..At that point, I would not even be afraid of bookie! lol I have an old school Cadillac with a mafia spec trunk too! 🙂

  12. Thank you Daniel for keeping the dream alive!

  13. i actually like of like the set up – you pick a winner, but there is still
    an outside chance of a re-draw. just adds a little suspense (and makes
    it feel like my chances are increasing (however minute that is).

    id also be curious about how many total entries there are – can you share that?

  14. @james o – scary thought.
    @rb – I’d go on that show. I might pull the Richard Hatch out of the bag and just walk around the house naked until everyone just voted themselves out of the house. Scarier thought. 😀

  15. Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane….

    I feel bad for that guy. I hope for his sake that he never finds out that he won the Porsche. Oh the remourse!

    Andrew, can we use a different term than ‘catfight’ to describe James and my epic showdown? Something more manly like ‘roid rage kumate’ or somthing?

    Good luck all!! I’ll be happy to see anyone from this thread win!

  16. Jeremy is right as much as I want to win I would be happy to see any of the regulars win. We lost a lot of people after the drawing but the die hard fans stayed on. Good luck.

    I was also thinking that this really could drag on for months. How many people stopped coming to the site after Daniel was announced as the winner. who knows the next name drawn could be someone who hasn’t bothered to check back. If so this will be a Porsche story we will all tell.

  17. i’d say catfights was appropriate.

  18. for 30 Days Daniel owned a 1999 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet and didn’t even know it…that’s GOTTA suck

  19. ^^that may be my favorite lar quote of all time. 🙂

  20. I’ve always love porsche and back in 09 I entered this contest but I forgot to check back……….