60 Years Of Mid-Engine Porsche Video

Brad will love this. It’s a pretty cool video showing 60 years of mid-engine Porsches. Some great old footage in there along with a bunch of current stuff. I love the clip with all of the race cars lined up and all of the drivers racing to their vehicles for the start of the race.


  1. AWESOME! Yes i do love it! Thanks for posting Ryan!!!. So much i am going to play it again! 🙂

  2. Nice. I had no idea ones able to put the top down in the new Boxster while driving?!? I know you can’t do that in the older models. ;\

  3. fyi: never drop the top when the car is in motion…best way to bend the frame, or knock the runners off their tracks, or burn out an electric motor

  4. Oops how did the rear engine speedster slip in there?

  5. Porsche says you can drop or raise top on Boxster at speeds up to 30 MPH….It would still make me nervous anymore than an idling roll.

  6. Ryan….add that to eat ice cream ,drink coffee and shift!

  7. Another cool video. Nice old footage in there.

  8. Ryan, you need to give the car away while it’s still worth owning.