Porsche Story

This Porsche story was sent in by Tim. I think it embodies what a lot of us end up going through as we dream about Porsches.

Some things in life are eluding to the point of obsession. The Porsche is one of these eluding events for me.

In the 1980’s it was the 928, fast and expensive. Out of the reach of my young hands and unskilled income. It was the early 90’s when opportunity arose to present to me a 928 in less than perfect order…it could be saved, reborn. It was a shame that anyone could let this breed of automobile ever arrive at this bitter demise. But as fate would have it, I must be practical and my military travels would never allow me to own and properly care for it, so again, fate deals its hand and I am without what I covet.

The 2000’s arrive, family, responsibilities, life have all pushed the Porsche into the evening bed time reads once the children are down. The cars required to be, again, those that service the greater needs in my situation. I can afford that 928 now, but they are harder to come by.

I finally drove a 911..WHAT have I been missing all these years. Its practical, purposeful and above all else rewarding. Its rewarding without bias, gives joy without pain. But now….I have raised the bar, I now have my sights set on an ever better smile maker and yet all I have done is set myself back 25 years to an even more hardy goal….its still out of reach, its still beyond what I can justify as a reward for a life time of work……to win one…to win one…oh now thats the answer to all troubles…that’s Porsche Joy….this is well beyond normal joy…..its a whole different level…!


  1. a 928 can be had for a good price now

  2. Nice story. I have seen more 928’s around lately that I have for years. Don’t know if it is just because I am looking for them more or they are coming back into style or something.