Weekly Porsche Wrap

Sorry, this week’s Weekly Porsche Wrap reads like a bad tabloid front page. Not a lot I ran across to post this last week.

Porsche 911 is the water of the car world? Huh? – It’s been called a lot of things, but the “water of the car world”??? A blog entry on TopGear’s CupHolder about the new 911 GT3 RS opened with this:

The Porsche 911 is the water of the car world. It sounds absurd, but hear me out. We take it for granted and it’s so omnipresent we barely notice it, yet we couldn’t live without it. See what I’m getting at?

The rest is worth a quick read. TopGear…Always good for some vehicular musings. [Via TheCupHolder]

“Porsche’s latest GT3 RS b**ch smacks the Elite LMV/R” – That’s a great headline and very true. Course you could probably replace Elite LMV/R with a host of other models as well (at least in the world that exists in my mind). This was a pretty good little summary article posted by the Examiner. Check it out if you need the cliff notes version of what you could find on the GT3 RS mini site I posted about a few days ago. [Via Examiner.com]

Wife sells cheatin’ husband’s Porsche 911 for £2,000 – A week can’t go by without some Porsche family being torn apart, usually as a result of stupid husbands (sorry fellow menkind). This time a wife came home early to find her husband rubbin’ uglies with their babysitter IN his Porsche. Sounds like he was the cheatin’ kind and it had happened before. This time was the last straw, so she put the car up for sale for £2,000. She said she’d even throw in her husband’s entire wine collection to just sweeten the deal a bit. Well…at least she didn’t take the car out and try and wreck it. [Via Telegraph.co.uk]


  1. Another Porsche being lost in a divorce situation. Too bad but those things happen. Getting a Porsche for that price would sure be sweet.

  2. GT3 RS b*tch slaps an Elite….While Wife b*tch slaps husband with Porsche sale.

  3. car was in her name?
    you cant just sell whats not yours!

    I wish I picked that one up

  4. if it was in the Telegraph it MUST be true

  5. I wish I could stumble across a deal like a 911 + a wine collection for a few grand. How amazing would it be to find that deal? I’d be stumbling all over the number pad on the phone trying to call them. Actually, I’d probably just chalk it up to another scammer and pass it over. How sad would that be to know you’d done that?

  6. It seems like there was something missing from the article, “Porsche’s latest GT3 RS b**ch smacks the Elite LMV/R”. Like the Elite LMV/R for instance. If your title is going to make a claim like that, shouldn’t there be some sort of a comparison in the article itself?

  7. I thought Porsches were too small to get laid IN but you get laid as soon as you get out?!?! Okay, I will keep this PG-13.

  8. rb – is The Telegraph like a National Enquirer type of rag?

    • @Andrew – I’m not really sure. I thought it was one of their more prominent news sources, but maybe it’s nothing more than a tabloid. Anyone know?

  9. Telegraph is a decent news outlet. News of the World is terrible and there are quite a few other ones.