Weekly Porsche Wrap

Sorry, this is coming later that usual this week. Meant to publish it on Sunday but was out of town and didn’t have Internet access. Below is what I found interesting last week.

Your future look bright? Maybe you need some new shades! – PorscheDesign has released some brand new shades just in time for the bright August and Fall sun. Inspired by the Porsche GT3 Vip Cup Car, they’re light, sleek and sexy! Named the PorscheDesign P’8464. Who comes up with those numbers?! Why aren’t they named something more like the GT3 VCC or GT3 Specs? I guess people who are going to spend $380 on sunglasses like model numbers. [Via Luxvelocity.com]

Crazy Porsche analogy – I’m not a huge sports guy and definitely don’t know anything about baseball, so maybe this is common place for all you sports fanatics. In reference to the 2009 season the Boston Red Sox are having, one writer had this to say:

There is a huge hole in the Black Pearl bullpen and she might drown us all. Nobody on the team was thrilled, but how do you think Beckett felt on Friday as he watched A-Rod drill a walkoff dinger in the 15th inning? It’s like he let his friends borrow his sparkling Porsche of a seven inning shutout and when they were just a mile from his house they drove it into a tree. They didn’t just crash the Porsche though, they totaled it. And then it exploded.

Yep, got in my weekly Porsche crash story. Only this time no Porsches were harmed in the making of the above comments. Gotta be one of the craziest Porsche references to date though. [Via CSNNE.com]

Porsche-VW merger settled along with Qatar investment – So it looks like it’s basically a done deal (which we essentially knew several weeks ago). It’s being reported that VW has a controlling stake (I saw 42% on one report) in Porsche. It’s also being reported that Qatar has finalized an investment in Porsche. I’m seeing 10% and 17% as the numbers. It looks like they also have options as high as 20% for VW stock. Still uncertain how this will affect Porsche long term. [Via WSJ.com and Bloomberg.com]

Porsche GT3 faster than a plane? – Just in case you have been laying awake at night wondering the answer to this question, we should find out in a couple of weeks. On Sept 5th at Changi Airport, the new Porsche GT3 will go head to head against a Jett8 747-200F cargo plane taking off. I would think the GT3 should be able to take the plane, no problem. We’ll report the results as soon as we have them. [Via asiaone.com]

Panamera made it’s North American debut – A great day for North America. The new Panamera debut. I love the picture below from the debut event. Cool color too. [Via Autoblog.com]


  1. The Porsche sports analogy. Yep , Leave it to New England sportscasters/Journalists to come out with something like that . It is crazy over here with the Sox / Yanks rivalry and this is where they went this time to try and express that passion of that rivalry. ..Its ok by me because as you said Ryan, This time no Porsches were harmed in the making of this news piece lol.

    I`m telling you…That pic of the Panamera….I get to liking the car more and more.

    I recall first seeing pics of the Panamera…Reaction was that of an oddity…Not ugly..Just odd. But now its not odd and i can notice the appeal of the design.

  2. A huge Yankee fan here and all I got to say is boston sucks!! The game who the writer is referring to is already a “Yankee Classic”. Was in a jam packed bar with hundreds of others when A-rod hit the homer and everyone went nuts. You’d have to live in the north east to understand, ha.

  3. Porsche-Design Sunglasses. I had a sweet set of these back in the day. I went to Hong Kong in 1986 and bought a pair. They had this huge case and interchangeable lenses…either gray or bronze. You would flip up a little piece above the nose and it would allow you to interchange. I loved em. I lost em, too. I’m pretty sure they were lost in my girlfriends (now my beautiful wifes) barn and her brothers “found” them and they were never returned. In fact, when the barn was cleaned out this last year I asked if they had found a new pair of sunglasses…no dice. I’d love to find another pair like that…the new ones aren’t bad either.

  4. That is a really nice pic of the Panamera in front of the plane. I actually like that color too.

    It will be interesting how the GT3 does against the plane.

  5. Is the Panamera going to race the Challenger 605 too? What’s with the Porsches and planes? I guess that’s supposed to be an allusion to the “lifestyle”. If you drive a Panamera, you’ve probably got your own $100M plane too. I know I do… but they’re only for racing.

  6. Is anyone else seeing the “inspiration” from the GT3 Cup Car in those shades? They look like a pair of any old sunglasses to me. I wore a pair of $20 Fossil sunglasses for years and finally last year splurged on a nice pair of $100 VZ sunglasses at a surf shop in Hawaii, but I just can’t imagine needing a pair of $400 sunglasses. I, for one, just don’t get it.

  7. I dont need a pair of $400 sunglasses either….But i want them ..I dont need a Carrera GT either…BUT……. 🙂

  8. I still don’t get it. They look like any old pair or Ray-Bans.
    Now, if they were made of carbon fiber w/ titanium screws and hinges, then we could talk. That would seem more befitting of Porsche to me.