Carrera GT “Gold Edition”

A little more coverage on the Carrear GT will certainly make a few of you happy. Course I’m not sure this is the kind of coverage you’re looking for. It’s yet another gold covered car. This time, a Porsche Carrear GT.

It was crafted by Gemballa and uses their Mirage GT kit, with a few upgrades of course. This raises the Gemballa Mirage GT to a new level with the gold accents on the exterior as well as interior. I’m sure we’re going to see a gold plated Carrera GT done up by of those people that craps out money.

I know I don’t understand what it’s like to be filthy rich, but I really don’t like it when people waste money putting gold on their cars (or other places gold shouldn’t be found like toilets). If you like the color, great, go for it, but don’t waste resources doing something stupid like that. Paint it gold, then send the money you would’ve spent to someplace that can use it. Course I guess that could be said of pretty much all of us in some way, shape or form.


  1. Sad to say, I am not a fan. Its taking a fine crafted extremely well engineered car to begin with and …well ruining it with gawdiness and ill placed opulence…..

    The CGT is a sports car. Its that simple.

    A stock, Black CGT would excite me to no end while this makes me sad to see a pimped out bad taste effort that stripped apart a rare low production landmark car. Bastardization in full effect!

    Why stop at gold?, why not diamond encrust the gear shift and all knobs in the interior? (im afraid i may have gave someone a bad idea)

  2. Yeah Brad, now someone is going to do the diamond thing. Thanks.

    At least they only did the gold highlights on this one and not the whole car in shiny gold.

  3. I am really not a big fan of what Gemballa is doing with their CGT mods. Kind of classless if you ask me.

  4. stating the obvious – isnt a $100k porsche by itself a little on the indulgent side anyway? lol

  5. Agreed with Brad about the gaudiness of the gold GT. Just tacky. Seems perfect for Donald Trump with his gold house. If he does not want it though, I’d certainly take it off his hands. ;D

  6. Yea, all this car says is.. ‘Hey, look how much money I have’. I don’t like it.

  7. personally i like it i dont think its to bad in the way of over using the gold so if you got the money i dont see why not?

  8. The mirage kit I could live with but this is just over the top.

  9. what’s next – a Carrera GT stretch limo? file this under “How to Ruin A Nice Car”

  10. ……CGT 4X4 I can joke about that one because i know the rednecks who would try it simply couldnt afford the CGT. They already have the 78 Chevy frame and 4WD running gear on the front yard waiting for something to sit on the top of that lol…a few old Corvettes have been victimized already! I am convinced every town has one joker who trys that!