Porsche Story

This Porsche story is from Rich. Sounds like a Risky Business sort of story. With a better ending!

I remember back in my youth (16 yrs old) my brother’s friend had a 1969 Porsche 911E. My brother had a party while my parents were away and I was at the party along with my brother’s friend. The 911E was parked out front.

I found the keys to the 911 and took it for a joy ride along a nice windy stretch of road. What an exhilarating ride. It was like a dream.

I had her in third gear going 70 MPH. Thank God nothing happened to the 911. I know it was a terrible thing to do, but I knew he wouldn’t let me drive it. You know I had to test drive a 1969 911E. It was the year I was born and I have never driven one since.


  1. Great story! I “borrowed” the keys to my friend Bills Porsche but he caught me before I could have any fun. nice to hear you got away with it

  2. That is totally risky business. A “lady of the night” definitely would have made the story better 🙂
    Glad it all turned out well and you had an opportunity to drive one. Definitely a sketchy opportunity though.

  3. Yep. That is definitely risky business. Glad all turned out well. As long as the Ferris Bueller thing doesn’t happen to the car.

  4. I once took a friend’s CB1000RR out for a joy ride… but the problem was, I had very little motorcycle riding experience. I came around a tight curve too wide and wound up on the grass… but somehow I managed to get back on the pavement with everything intact. Apparently I had a guardian angel or two watching over!

  5. Good moto story, Garrett!! I once took my friends Boxster for a joy ride. It was night and the rear tires had almost no tread on them. After seeing how well the boxster handled i took and almost 90 degree coner at 60mph. The rear tires broke loose and I began to skid, however as quick as it had broke loose it corrected itself and I was back on track.

  6. this is why I don’t have kids