Porsche Story

This Porsche story is from James who’s been a pretty avid commenter on PorschePerfect.com for most of the Porsche Giveaway.

I know most all of you will be jealous about my story. I had the opportunity to ride in the 911 that is being given away. I’m just not sure Ryan knows about it.

I was at Paul’s 40th birthday party and Steve had the keys to the Porsche so I talked Steve into giving me a ride.

Steve and I ran outside, took the top off and started her up!!! All I can say is Steve has a lead foot. He hammered that thing and nearly broke my neck because I wasn’t ready for it. When a 90 degree corner came up I don’t think he even touched the brakes. He turned the steering wheel and the wheels just screeched.

I was really hoping that when we were done with the drive that Steve would throw me the keys and say “Now it’s your turn” but he didn’t. I’ll just need to wait till the 7th to pick it up!


  1. This one is kind of along the lines of Paul’s story posted below. Just have to wait another 20 days for another opportunity!

  2. Has the Porsche been claimed yet?? Why is there a winner countdown?

  3. Sounds like a tall tale rather than a story. haha

  4. I am so happy that the clock is still counting down!!

    18 days..

  5. James, that was a great night.. i wish I would have thought of asking Steve for a ride. I have still yet to even sit inside the giveaway porsche.

  6. jeff w. it was no tall tale

  7. exchangeandmart says

    You are right, i am pretty jealous. The 911 is my dream car, I would love to have a drive in the new turbo. The 911 got a 5 star review here http://tiny.cc/ehNbg

  8. Guess my last post did not show. Anyways, it’s crazy the 911 hasn’t been claimed yet. Just out of curiosity, did a lot of people enter the contest but never make comments in the blogs? I’m guessing a lot of people entered at the beginning, used an e-mail they don’t check often, and forgot all about the contest?!

  9. @ joe, i would imagine a lot of different people entered at first and as the days went by they forgot or got lazy as you suggested. i’m still crossing my fingers that “daniel” changed e-mails or thinks the “you won” e-mail is spam. oh crap now ryan is probably going to re-e-mail him.

  10. Ok James I will believe you. It just almost sounded too good to be true.

  11. That would be absolutely hilarious (not for Daniel) if he deleted the e-mail thinking it was spam. I know on some of my junk e-mail accounts I don’t use often, I get tons of stuff saying I just won 1,000,000,000!!!