911 Turbo Video

All I can say is I REALLY want one of these cars. This video is a nice compilation of 911 Turbo models from inception through the 996 model. Music is exciting too.


  1. That video was awesome. I could have watched a whole hour of that. Boy car colors were bad in the 80’s.
    And was that driver attempting to knock over every cone @55secs? I thought the point was to slalom through the cones.

  2. The winner countdown was a nice addition too.

  3. SO COOL! Nothing like stopping by and checking in on Porsche Perfect to see a video like this to pick up a monday morning . Thanks for posting Ryan, awesome!

  4. I’m with you Brad – a great way to start your day. And when I came home I had ‘SuperCars Exposed – Porsche Turbos’ on DVR. I have SuperCars Exposed on series recording. Its just been a day of Porsche Turbos for me today. While its only a half hour program I guess I kind of got my wish from my 7:16am comment.

  5. That sounds cool Andrew. Anymore posts on the Turbo`s and it will further weaken my staunch obsession in midengines lol

  6. This is a great video, is it a Porsche production?

  7. Nice video. And they even have my 930 in there, so that made it even better.