Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche’s new boss – I bookmarked this post on BusinessWeek.com a week or so ago, but just got around to reading it. An interesting synopsis of who Michael Macht is and what parts he’s played in Porsche over the last 19 years. Worth a quick read. Sounds like he’s the opposite of Wiedeking. Be interesting to see how he does. [Via BusinessWeek.com]

New Panamera has Mucho customization options – Porsche is pulling out all of the customization stops on the new Panamera. Want special wood surfaces or a unique color for your gauge faces? Done. How about a cooling box between the two single seats in the rear complete with two special glasses bearing the Porsche logo? Done. Perhaps a 12 V cooling bag in the trunk is more to your liking? Not a problem. You also can get all sorts of color matched trim pieces, tire/wheel options, etc. [Via Carscoop.com]

Steal a Porsche, park it on the lawn – What would our Weekly Porsche Wrap be without some kind of injured Porsche story? This time a fella ousted a Porsche in Australia, didn’t stop for the cops (obviously) and ended up slamming into the side of a house. Bummer! Can’t blame the guy for choosing a fast getaway car I suppose. [Via WAtoday.com.au]

Great article detailing some time recently spent in a 911 Carrera RS 2.7 – I really liked this guy’s writeup about some time he spent driving a 1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7. It’s #1108 of 1580 built. Mixed in with the words are some great pictures that help solidify what is being written. Definitely worth reading. Makes me want some seat time in an RS 2.7. [Via Examiner.com]

Porsche 944 on the cash for clunkers list – Thank goodness only one Porsche is on the list. 1990 944. I still love the 944 and wouldn’t give it up for $4500. Unless it was trashed I suppose. Even then…I don’t know. [Via USAToday.com]

Porsche sales off this year, but expected to improve dramatically – Porsche Cars North America reported a decrease of 51.6% in July 2009 vs. July 2008. Year-to-date isn’t quite as bleak, but still not great at 11,203 cars compared to last year’s 18,214. VW is claiming that Porsche sales could grow 50% beyond the current high of 100,000 cars once the global economy gets back to normal. [Via BusinessWire.com & Autocar.co.uk]


  1. The weekly Porsche news stories that always end up with a perfectly good Porsche being slammed into something are getting sad.

  2. On Porsche`s new boss. You see these articles whever there is a change of guard anywhere and all the speculation ends up being just that. Never know until the wheel is rolling…and has a few miles on it.

    LOVED the article on the 73 RS. Awesome pics with it!.

    Another bonehead screwing a great car into the ground in Australia..What can you say at this point?

    ..And the 90 944 on the CFC list…. No way, No how would i turn that in even if it was so bad it barely ran and that it only serves as a home for mice.
    I dont like what the rules are on that. Drain the engines and lock them up. Thats no way for a Porsche to die…or a lot of other great cars that fall under a mileage number.

  3. Interior on that Panamera looks top notch. I would also not trade my 944 for a 4500$ credit for an Obama-mobile.

  4. I wouldn’t trade a 944, but I’d probably all over it with a 914.

  5. I wonder what they will do with the 944 “clunkers.” Come to think of it, I’m not sure we even know where these “cliunkers” will end up.

    Couldn’t they think of a better name for this program?

  6. If someone did trade in his 944 for the cash for clunker he or she would be the last person to drive it. These cars are being scrapped.

  7. Andrew, I wouldnt turn in a 914 for that either.

  8. That Panamera console is way too complex/intimidating. I counted 16 buttons just running alongside the shift lever + another 6 in front of it. And that’s all before you get to the navigation unit. Unless you’re James Bond, what could you possibly need 22 buttons for?

  9. mix,blend, liquify, frappe,crush, wash,spin,rinse, softener lol. I think you get used to it Andrew once you own one….Or annoy your girlfriend/wife like i do by attempting speed shifts with the blender and hope one of them isnt EJECT. lol

  10. I couldn’t belive some of the cars on the clunker list. I guess if the only thing they are considering is gas mileage that is why…