And The Winner IS…


  1. though I can’t see this video on either of my computers… It looks like Daniel is the big winner! Congrats! I can’t wait to see pix of you in the car.

    I do wish I could have this wasted day back though. πŸ™

  2. Congrats!

  3. very cool vid! can you say how many total entries there were?

    well, if daniel is a no-show, i got dibs! lol

  4. congrats, Daniel…whoever you are.
    I did a google search of for “Daniel” and got ONE result. Will Daniel even know he won?

  5. Ha ha..No wonder i like checking in to Porsche Perfect every day, You guys are as crazy as i am! (better get that checked out!)

    I don`t know if winning that Porsche was worth having my name branded on some other dudes chest lol…Big Congratulations though to “Daniel” !! Did it say Daniel?, I didnt want to stare all day at Brocks chest without my glasses on trying to read that lol

  6. Brock – hope that fake tat washes off easily

  7. Congrats Daniel!

  8. Wow. Congratulations dude.

    • Yep, it’s Daniel, in case you don’t want to stare at a guy’s chest for too long (that made me laugh, Brad). As the rules state, he has 30 days to respond. No response, and we draw another name. We WILL find a winner for this car. Course if we have to do another giveaway video and step it up to the next level, we’ll be cattle branding Brock with the winner’s name or something like that. Not sure he’s up for that.

  9. I’m very jealous but congrats to the winner.
    Hope you enjoy the heck out of that
    beautiful 911.

    Thanks again Porsche Perfect for the great site
    and the contest.

  10. Oh damn !!! lol Ok if Daniel dont show, i really hate to ask this but curiosity has the best of me, where does Brock get branded? Wait. on second thought don`t tell me lol

  11. @Ryan ..first time i used this acronym here but i must ROFL !!

  12. So now we wait to see if the car gets a new home in the next 30 days…well, THAT will keep people coming back to the site!

    Ryan, you should install a countdown timer plug-in in the sidebar

    • @Ruthless – That’s a great idea! I’ll find one and throw it up. Should have had that going the whole time.

  13. Well the dream of winning a Porsche was fun while it lasted. Funny giveaway video as well. I won’t hold my breath but maybe you guys will have another giveaway in the future.

    • @Jay – It definitely has come up in conversation. This was a fun project and I definitely wouldn’t mind doing another one.

  14. Yeah, I know where Brock is going to get that cattle brand. lol.

  15. While congrats are due Daniel I had a similar reaction… “whoever you are.” Thought for sure it would be one of the regulars. Can’t wait to see the countdown timer! πŸ™‚

  16. congrats and enjoy!

  17. Ha! I was finally able to watch the video.. So hilarious! It made me miss you guys though… not Salem.. but the trifecta in the Porsche.

    Brock’s jingle was classic, reminded me of some of his other greatest hits: Jesus Bobblehead, Couples on the Bus, Hey Jeremy, and one about hot older women (namely my wife). That was back before Brock broke away from Garfunkle and went solo.

    As for the giveaway.. I am THE BIGGEST LOSER. I should have just put my name in the hat once and walked away like daniel.. I probably would have won.

    %$!@#% nothing cool ever happens to me!!

    ok.. well.. I guess its going to be ok.

    Look Ruthless.. I’m still here πŸ™‚

    Great community here everyone.. thanks for all the good times SO FAR!

  18. Out of curiosity.. who were 2490 and 2488? just wondering if i should feel guilty about breaking wind yesterday and contributing to the atmospheric noise. πŸ™‚

  19. This is the one time I wish I didn’t work here so I could have been a contender but at least I got the joy of driving it once πŸ™‚

  20. Nice job on the WOF Jeremy. I would like to try that someday.

  21. Excellent job guys! Mom

  22. Time to buy that bmw

  23. The next video should be called “The Search For Daniel”

  24. You never know, Daniel could be away on vacation this week. I know I am going to be away from email and internet access for a week, but it will be interesting to see what happens when I get back.

  25. If its a 6er, ill be top contributor for sure
    i like the idea

  26. Yeah you are right Ryan. Trust me, I still have hopes of winning the Giveaway Porsche.

  27. man, if i were daniel, i’d be claiming that porsche ASAP before you guys decide to take a farewell cross country trip in it, the way you guys have been driving it around, lol.

    • @mitchell – My son and I might have to load up and set off again if we don’t hear from Daniel. The first words out of his month when we walked into the door after our last run were: “We need to do that again.”

  28. Ok Ryan time to start adding content! Lets bury this page so far down the back stories list that Daniel cant find it, gives up and buys a Prius. We’ll pretend that this never happend. Where is that countdown clock anyway?

    • @ James O – That cracked me up. I’ll do my best to get a bunch of posts in here. Feel free to send in any you’d like to add! πŸ™‚

    • Alright, by popular demand, we now have an INFORMAL (notice the emphasis on the words INFORMAL) countdown timer. If our winner doesn’t respond by 11:59pm on September 6th, we’ll be scheduling Brock’s branding a new drawing and selecting another winner. Keep in mind this is an informal clock. My hunch is if a fella doesn’t respond in 30 days, a few minutes on either side of midnight is not going to make a lick of difference, so we’ll err on the generous side to be more than fair.

  29. @Russ – A 6er.. that’s funny!

    What brand would inspire you the most?

  30. @ryan – head on over to colorado – just 11 more hours (maybe 9 in the porsche, lol). no in and out burger, but we have chick-fil-a, lol.

    • @mitchell – Now THAT’S a tempting offer! My son and I actually talked about taking an extensive road trip around the nation looking for the coolest Porsches we could find. I thought it’d be a blast to meet other fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

  31. I like the countdown timer!

  32. @ Jeremy,

    Why are you hating lol?

  33. @ Russ.. I’m not hatin’ just appreciatin’ your love of beer. Now tell me, which one would inspire you the most?

  34. I tried some chocolate beer the other night.. Deeeeeelicious!

  35. I’m confused
    but whats new

  36. @ jeremy’s comment,
    I think i missed something in the flow of the conversation,

  37. @ Russ- I just wanted to know what brand of 6er you are hoping PP gives away.. I’m just trying to understand the real you Russ.

  38. Has that guy Daniel contacted Porsche Perfect yet?
    I must have checked my email 30 times the day of
    the drawing.