Porsche GT1 Videos

Ruthless, yep the one and only, sent me a bunch of Porsche GT1 videos. Below are a couple I really liked. Thanks Ruthless!

The first is kind of an intro to the GT1. Not the best footage, but some interesting stuff in there and a couple of good looks at the car.

The second is a video mostly giving details about Porsche’s upcoming 2011 GT1. The footage isn’t too exciting, but does get the imagination going!


  1. AWESOME! Thanks for posting Ryan and thanks for sending these in bookie! I LOVE that line in the first vid “Think of it as a 200 MPH office finished in naked carbon fiber”

    It was the second vid still shot on the blog that actually got my attention first!….Need i say why considering my obsession with sending in videos of another particular model? ..I thought, Same treatment a Boxster got with the Cayman, so did the ( CUT before spoiler alert needed lol)

  2. Wow a 950hp Porsche. That is going to be some car. i can’t wait to see it in action. I hope it blows the competition off of the road.

  3. In my next life I want to be a Porsche race car driver.

  4. Cool videos. I am still learning about all of the models in the Porsche GT1 seems like a pretty bad ass car. The music in the first video reminded me of Miami Vice, which is fitting considering all of the cool cars they used to put on that show.

  5. hmm that 2nd sentence should read ‘in the Porsche brand. The GT1 seems’. I must have hit the delete button.. or my computer didn’t like me using the term bad ass.

  6. An example of music, Porsches, and car chases from Miami Vice:


    so nice 🙂

  7. wow, the gt1 looks fierce!

  8. 1st time seeing car.great!

  9. The gt1 in the first video is one of the most beutifull Porsche’s ever made. I put it on my top 5 list. I saw one race at Lime Rock and it is alot smaller in person than it looks in pictures.

  10. James, the GT1 was one of my favorites too, even though it had this one tiny flaw that was exposed at that race in Atlanta:


  11. I’d be the coolest guy in the grocery store parking lot if I drove that bad boy.

  12. Ruthless, That was a 98+ GT1. the later ones started to look more like prototypes. maybe Mercedes couldnt beat them on the track so they tried in the air, they had 3 cars flip at Le Mans. If you haven’t seen those they are worth a look.

  13. The BMW LMR also joining in on the flipping stunts lol .. i can recall at least once

  14. Brad, you are right and at the very same spot as the GT1