Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche situation bleaker than originally thought – Media sources are reporting that Porsche was actually closer to $20 billion in debt, about $7 billion more than Porsche had been reporting. Focus reported that Porsche would have been insolvent in less than 2 weeks if VW hadn’t blazed on through with it’s takover deal. Guess that’s what we call a G&L. [Via DW-World.de]

Porsche 911 Hybrid in the works? – The short answer is of course, “Ja!” Some spy shots even showed up at MotorTrend.com this last week (you can see them if you click the Via link). It always amazes me how good magazines and sites are at determining significance in the spy shots they come across. This one has a buldge on it’s front trunk lid along with an electric flash sticker. Be kind of cool to be rolling around in an eco friendly luxury sports car. [Via MotorTrend.com]

31 Porsche Panameras get first class treatment – I love flying first class. The free drinks, real silverware, decent food, and personal attention. I would expect nothing less from Porsche when flying it’s vehicles around the globe. In this case, the Panamera was the recipient. Porsche loaded 31 of their beauties onto a 747 for the flight to the Pebble Beach Concours and their North American unveiling. It’s amazing to me that 31 Panameras actually fit in a 747. [Via Examiner.com]

Thoughts on Porsche’s mystique being able to survive the epic takeover – We’ve all read more than our fair share of news, reports and general blather about the Porsche-VW saga. I came across an article on TimesOnline.co.uk that I found kind of interesting and put into words what I’d been wondering for a while now. Here’s a little clip for you:

Incestuous couplings, blood feuds, betrayals, ambition, hubris, suicide by fire, collision of egos, power struggles, revenge, retribution, tragedy, defeat, reconciliation of opposites, symbols of sex and power. Is this Wagner’s Ring Cycle? No, it is Volkswagen’s epic Takeover of Porsche Cycle.

Check out the article here: Can the Porsche mythology survive under VW? It’s worth a quick read. [Via TimesOnline.co.uk]


  1. Unlike a lot of those commenting on that article, I think Porsches reputation will be fine…

    Great quote about Porsche : “There are faster cars. And rarer ones; last year Porsche manufactured about 100,000 vehicles. And more characterful ones; a Porsche runs with the humdrum reliability of a Volkswagen. But no other car, possibly no other product in any category, offers its owner better access to the fantasy of absolute technical supremacy.”

  2. the Panamera deserves nothing less than first class.

  3. Taking time to read the comments under the article which questions whether the Porsche mystique will survive by the Times in UK, really has me thinking…Not good thoughts for the most part.

  4. If I bought a Panny, I’d want those poly carbonate shipping skirts I see in that picture – then I’d actually fell comfortable driving it in NYC

  5. Obviously the Porsche brand is one that invokes extreme passion, thus a lot of the incendiary comments.

    Also, did anyone notice the great photoshop job they threw down in the first article?
    Come on DW, you’re better than that.

  6. Cool Batman logo on the front of the bonnet of the electric 911. 🙂

  7. I just hope Porsche survives in the VW stable of car makers. I think they will.

    That is interesting to see the show they are putting on for the new Panamera. The marketing department probably knows who they are marketing to and who will buy the car.

  8. 2 weeks eh?
    I wonder what would’ve happened.


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