Porsche Boxster vs. 4 Other Convertibles

How do you think the Porsche Boxster stacked up against 4 other “popular” convertibles including……..a Bentley?! Watch to find out. You may be surprised by his final pick at the very end.


  1. AWESOME! The little Boxster rocks! its that midengine that gives it the handling over the rest of these other excellent cars and looks good doing it to!..as an all around going from one end of the spectrum (Mini( to the other(Bentley) It actually comes as no surprise the Boxster averages out as the preference in the end!

  2. And because it’s a Porsche… He forgot to include that in his rundown of the reasons he chose the Boxster at the end.

  3. besides the fact that they’re all convertibles, the comparison is kinda apples to oranges. The more comparable cars they should put up against the Boxster S:

    1. Audi TT Turbo
    2. Honda S2000
    3. Mercedes SLK 300
    4. BMW Z4 Roadster

  4. Very nice review on the Boxter S. Good results for a wide range of cars tested.

  5. boxster is a great car.should have gotten one with a standard to really experience it.

  6. Thanks for posting. Sort of surprised he picked the Boxster too. Great balance on the boxster.

  7. Im with you Ruthless, he simply compared cars that were convertibles…very little else comparable. I mean sure if I only had 50k to spend, then obviously Ill pick the porsche. I doubt someone would choose boxter > bentley (given no financial restrictions). If you dont want the bentley, you would go for a 911 or turbo etc…

  8. good for porsche!lot of good cars tested.

  9. Russ – all the cars on my list are in the same price range as the Boxster S. I think the dude just picked 5 convertibles he wanted to drive on his press credentials.

  10. The boxster has been my dream car of the week. I’ve been scouring craigslist for the perfect one. This video just cemented the fact that I really do need one.

  11. We have a mustang GT converable in the shop now, one of our customers daily drivers. After being hit in a parking lot I had to replace a door and quarter panel. On the classic cars I’m used to working on ( Porsche included ) the average spot weld spacing is 1-1 1/2 inches between welds. The Mustang is on average is 2-4 inches between welds. They can stuff as much fun under the hood as they want, and I would always choose the Porsche.

  12. very nice

  13. mitchell says

    great video! that guy had the perfect infomerical voice and delivery, lol.

    glad he chose the porsche, but what i dont like about these kinds of segments is that they really arent highlighting the areas where each vehicle comes up short. i mean, he basically gives them all positive reviews, but then picks the porsche.

  14. I’d like to try the PDK vs a manual transmission
    ti check out the real differences.

  15. I also agree with your list ruthless, and from that list I would still choose the Boxter S. A close second might be the Honda or Mercedes.

  16. from my list, I’d take the Boxster first, then the BMW, then the Audi, then the Benz, with the Honda at the bottom, even though it’s a great car.

  17. Ruthless, the new z4?

    If you have the new z4 in your list, then hands down. Its unbelievably aesthetic. Im hoping the new 6 comes out with a similar bang.

    Z4 on top for sure

    TT – The new Audi’s are insane, aside from the fact its a TT. How about replacing the tt with an A5?

    Boxter -So I dont get flamed. I am really indifferent about the bottom two.


  18. I’d still pick the boxster

  19. I like the way the Boxster handles w/ the mid-engine over the Z4. Don’t get me wrong, BMW makes some of the best handling cars in the world, but I like the Boxster better.

    The TT is nice, but it doesn’t feel like the complete package compared to the BMW or Porsche.

  20. have read a few comparisons of 2 seaters in past and boxster usually wins!

  21. i am amazed how affordable a used Boxster can be on craigslist. easy to pick one up for $10k -$12k

  22. amazing car