Vintage Porsche 911 Commercial

This is a great old Porsche commercial I came across today.


  1. Love this ad. You do not see many commercials like this today showing off many models of the same manufacturer. Porsche needs a sweet Superbowl commercial next year.

  2. i like those few shots of porsches racing rally races!! it’d be nice to see porsche get back into rally racing.

  3. Sweet commercial. I love it.

  4. I didn’t see Brock in this video… but it was still good.

  5. Oh, those were the days

  6. So nice. I love the idea of a Siper Bowl ad!

  7. AWESOME again, Two sweet videos in a row for Monday, I love it! There was a little of everything in this commercial right down to a 914 some Martini 911`s …Thought i saw a 959 real quick ..I am wondering what the year is for this commercial?…… but do vaguely remember it! Excellent!

  8. Yeah, no so much into the rally scene nowadays. It’s always night to see how advertising has evolved over the years and what it used to look like.

  9. At Porsche, we don’t let you buy a car unless we give it to a bunch of crazy race drivers who beat the hell out of it first.

  10. The thing i like most about this vingtage commercial is that the shots aren’t taken on a closed road in slow motion in some mountain road off in the middle of nowhere. It shows them doing what they were built to do for real. However I’m sure if kia tried the same tactic showing a highschool kid with half a bumper wouldnt really boost sales. 😉 Anyways, Great commercial. Love it

  11. Good one Bonnie.

    Yes that would be cool to see a new Porsche Superbowl commercial Scott. Good idea. Something fresh and exciting would be awesome.

  12. Nice find. Thanks for posting.

  13. 911 can and has done it all!

  14. What a great commercial I love the old footage.

  15. driving cars like they should be driven.

  16. Bonnie – Brock was in that video – he was in the passenger seat of the Brumos Porsche, eating ice cream and sipping latte that Ryan bought for him at some drive-thru.

  17. mitchell says

    good idea on the superbowl – VW is gonna want to take the porsche image and totally commercialize it anyway right? lol

    but what amazes me is that the body of the car is practically timeless. i like when cars dont radically change the body shape
    every few years.

  18. mitchell. well said, the 911 was ahead of its time in shape, so far ahead Porsche never has to worry about a makeover with it, nor could they without irate millions threatening them. , One of THE most recognized, accepted, loved and beautiful shapes in auto design history….if not “THE” !

  19. i love those oldies

  20. great point brad.look at a porsche and a cadillac from the 1950’s and compare them to todays models to see which one has stood the test of time.

  21. guess today they would have to run a disclaimer saying closed circuit,don’t try this at home,blah blah blah.