Jay Leno Porsche Carrera GT Video

Brad, yep the same guy who sends in all the Boxster and Carrera GT content, sent this video in. It’s a great follow up to the infamous Leno Spin video I had up a few weeks ago. Jay talks about the Carrera GT, some of the things he likes and “the spin”.

Click anywhere on the picture to see the video. The link will take you to another site. Sorry, no embed option.

UPDATE: Brad sent over an embeddable version of the video, so now you can watch it right in the post. Thanks Brad!


  1. What can i say, I am obsessed with the midengine Porsches lol I think most car nuts will understand my obsessive behavior .Once you get fixated on a particular car or style of, Tough to break the addiction 🙂

  2. like the cone!whoever thought of signing has a good sense of humor.

  3. Go with what you know Brad. I do the same thing… every time I go to a restaurant I order the same thing.

  4. I think Leno will become the face of collector car TV shows, etc. in the future – he’s passionate, and really knows wtf he’s talking about. I guess it helps that he goes and BUYS every car he likes, but still, I’m very impressed with him.

  5. maybe leno can do a similar take to top gear but for america?? just a thought

  6. Ryan,

    Drop me a note sometime. I have a great story about the “spin” from one of the guys at the track that day. Not fit for publication, but fun none the less. 🙂

  7. Ahh 993C4S c`mon we want to hear that ! lol

  8. I like the fact that Jay Leno really loves cars.
    He’s not just a collector or an investor. He wants
    to drive his cars. Good for him.

  9. he seemed calm and collected after the spins
    but I wonder what was going on during all that.
    Hey, he didn’t hit the wall. Apparently great car

  10. Galen Wood says

    Jay is one bad dude, lucky. I’ve always wanted to do spins.

  11. mitchell says

    im actually going thru jay withdrawal now, so this was cool.
    i hope he incorporates some of this garage stuff on
    his new show. man he has it good.

  12. Jay Leno has an awesome collection. So does Jerry Seinfeld.

  13. Leno rules and has the best collection of cars around

  14. …and he can wrench them too Phil, No matter what it is!. He works on cars all the way from primitive steamers to the ultra exotics (curious to ask him which poses more of a challenge!). Definitely knows what he is talking about as bookie said as well. I like him a lot as a person and entertainer too, From my neck of the woods originally too!

  15. Yeah, he was mildly shocked after that spin; unbelievable. Beyond that, I love the fact that he supports the conventional gearboxes- Tried and true car guy.

  16. I love Jay’s passion for cars. We can all dream of having a collection like his.

    Hey, in 6 days one of us will be adding a Porshe to our car collection. That is so crazy!

  17. 993c4s owes us a story

  18. paddle shifters are for guys who don’t want to drive a standard but don’t want people to think they have an automatic in a sports car.

  19. Sure is fun to see Jay’s cars.

  20. it’d be nice to see a list of all of jay’s cars. it’d be astounding i’m sure

  21. awesome

  22. Jay does great sound effects..explaining the proper clutch release and the front end lift lol

  23. I think someone needs a life. But I appreciate all the videos you do send in for all of our viewing pleasure, Brad. 🙂

  24. since jay had a segment called “jaywalking” what’s the car version called? “jaydriving?” doesn’t have quite the right sound

  25. You can tell Jay really knows a lot about cars. A true expert.

  26. Andrew, You are hereby ordered to donate heavily to my CGT fund for that crack…..so i can get a life lol 🙂

  27. @ jeff, it is nice to see a celeb that does knows his cars and doesn’t just buy a bunch and not know what to do with them

  28. @Brad – they say money can’t buy happiness, but I’m pretty sure a CGT can. What is your CGT fund up to now?

  29. @ Andrew, I have made no headway lately, Looks like i`ll have to push my idea a little harder..website panhandling and all lol …And oh yes, I`m pretty sure the CGT will keep me off the Psychiatrists couch 🙂

  30. …Andrew, Also..If bookie would take a break from posting and continue work cobbling his cement shoes to show to his clients that dont pay….He would be able to make a sizable donation that might encourage others to help me out….I remember the good ol` days when ruthless bookies really were ruthless lol