Some Fancy Driving

What do you get when you mix a soft serve ice cream cone, boiling hot Americano and a Porsche 911 Cabriolet on a sunny day? Check out this quick video snippet we took after lunch today.


  1. Hahaha. This takes talent, trust me. Most of my drinks won’t fit in the cup holders, ugh.

  2. Ryan got envious of Tim Schrick scooting a CGT up the alps…..This is the Porsche Perfect version…..Pretty damn good!! 5 star skills!…. More skill required to do that than Heel and toe lol

  3. Actually…this is a throw down to Tim Schrick….Beat this! lol

  4. when i read talent i was thinking a nice peel out into traffic, talking on the phone, and eating the ice cream all while shifting too. =)

  5. careful!careful!careful!

  6. are you guys going to be able to give up the car?

  7. @ james o. is ryan going to be able to give up the car?? oh, yeah!!!! the rumor is a turbo is near =)


  9. mitchell says

    you needed another camera for some full shots of the porsche itself…
    OR – maybe you could have been towing it and then had the classic over the hood shot – appearing as though you were driving ,lol.

  10. we didn’t get to see you shift through the gears with the cone in hand.

  11. Nice to see you are having fun with the car.

  12. Dude. Watch the the apulstry.

    Looks like my first purchase after winning the car will be some armoural. 🙂

  13. Who told you to put the balm on?

  14. I wanted to see some 0-100 action while sipping coffee!

  15. sure they are going to miss this car when it’s gone.maybe they will get another to replace it!

  16. James O – I’m sure they will. They’re just going to beat the hell… excuse me, *enjoy* it while it’s still in their possession.

    The lucky winner is going to take delivery of it and the wheels are going to fall off from all the *enjoyment* that they’ve had with it. Drive it like you stole it.

  17. Fun Driver says

    Look, we all love driving our Porsches and they certainly are fun cars, that’s for sure. But, they should be driven the respect that they deserve. That means paying attention, not being distracted, wearing your seatbelt, etc.

    The video is cute, but it is just that. We, as Porsche owners, get enough flack. We don’t need a cute video of what some would regard as careless driving shining a negative glow on our driving passions.

  18. Don’t worry FD, it’s all shot on a green screen. No actual ice cream cones were harmed in the making of the video.

  19. Jeremy, lol at “who told you to put the balm on?” Another seinfeld fan here besides me lol

  20. Fun Driver, lighten up – being a nag is MY job here at Don’t be steppin on my toes, dude.

  21. lol @Paul

  22. be good

  23. does anyone remember the scene from “True Romance” when Bronson Pinchot gets pulled over by a traffic cop in the Porsche?

  24. @rb – I only remember Bronson Pinchot from Perfect Strangers. And some movie where he played an interior decorator.

  25. The video is not nearly as bad as I had expected it to be after all those comments. If you’ve got a stick that’s just what you’ve gotta do. Sometimes you want an ice cream/latte/have a cell phone call and you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Nothing seemed careless or reckless to me there.

  26. “True Romance” was one of the first scripts Quentin Tarantino wrote. It’s an awesome movie, I highly recommend it.

  27. did they just spill ice cream on my cabrio’s seat?

  28. true romance is a great flick

  29. nice day for the top down

  30. I wonder if Schumi will replace Felipe Massa at
    the Hungarian Grand Prix. Astute observation Trevlon.

  31. Phil – I think there’s a good chance we’ll see MS in a Ferrari this year, but I think given the current status of Massa’s health, the best decision was to only run one car in Hungary – as I write this, I haven’t seen the race yet, and am avoiding any websites that give the race results, but this is my guess.

  32. thanks for posting

  33. fancy driving indeed!just be careful.

  34. at lest you have a newer porsche. I could never pull that off in mine. no power steering 😀

  35. Porsche needs to consult Ryan on a new cup holder design. And maybe an ice cream holder.

  36. I’ll work on that

  37. @ ryan. where across from sybil’s omelets has ice cream??

    • @James – It’s the tattoo place. We originally went there to try their Stumptown coffee. Paul tempted me with a soft serve cone and the rest is history.