Porsche Story

This Porsche story was submitted by Mitchell. I love hearing about how people gained an interest in Porsches.

My first real exposure to the Porsche was through a high school friend of mine who used to wash/detail cars for his dad’s friends. They were a rich(er) family and of course the circles they traveled in were as well. So the cars he was detailing (for $100 a pop, btw) were all higher end, and included a few Porsches. The two I remember were probably from the late 80s – a black Carrera and a red Targa.

Anyway, I was jealous and would often just hang out with him as he worked. He had a great gig for a teenager and I suspect many people would do that job for free just for the opportunity to drive those cars. Unfortunately, he wasn’t about to cut me in, nor was he going to let me drive, so I didnt do any work, lol. But I did get to sit in and ride in those Porsches and that was pretty sweet at the time.

I’ve never really been a “car guy” so it’s not like this experience spurred me on to learn all I could about cars or Porsches or decide I WOULD own one one day (not that I’m ruling it out, mind you, lol). But it was just the origin of my fondness for them and it’s a good memory for me.


  1. Bravo. Does seem like most people first started liking Porsche when they were kids/teens. I remember having a posters of Porsche tacked up on my wall….wait, I still have Porsche posters on my wall!

  2. great story.drive one and you may become a porsche guy.

  3. smart kid. I would have loved that gig when I was
    growing up.

  4. Galen Wood says

    i’m very similar to this guy

  5. I also had a car detailing job in High School and College, never any Porsches however but some nice BMW’s anyway.

  6. I had a job as a kid working for a detailer but got canned cuz all the windows I cleaned were streaky – a problem I still have today. When it comes to Windex, I suck big time.

  7. I think it says a lot about Porsche style when you are not even a car person and they win you over!

  8. After visiting this site for a while, I am getting my first porscheb before year end

  9. Katt Lewis says

    I nearly bought a Porsche in 1986, I eneded up buying a Corvette and drove it cross country a few times. I would have no trouble driving a Porsche across country now and what a fitting 50th BD it would be to do so.

  10. Good story and that is a good gig for a kid, detailing upper end cars.

  11. It seems a lot of us did a stint at detailing cars back in our teenage years. You can add me to that list as well. BTW rb, a little tip – don’t use Windex on your car’s glass.

  12. mitchell says

    so my friend that did this, still actually does it – among other things. he is a very enterprising kind of guy. actually, i dont think he does too much of the grunt work anymore. he has a few guys working for him. but they do all kinds of things from office cleaning, to lawn mowing, to snow removal, to fix and flips.

    and he drives….a beat up F-150 , lol.

  13. really, Andrew? what should I use?