One of a Kind Porsche for D.C.

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I came across a story a few weeks ago about a guy named Eduardo Bodmer who had always wanted a Porsche. The title of the story is what caught me: “Check Out My Ride: Bringing a first-of-its-kind Porsche to D.C. meant doing things differently”. Of course it grabbed me!

Bodmer was looking for a Porsche, but not just any Porsche. He wanted something a bit more exotic and settled on a Techart Porsche Cayman. One that is a rarity in the States with only about 50 currently here.

I’ll let you read the article if you want the whole story, but the highlights are after placing a call to Techart Germany and realizing the waiting list was too long and the cost too high, he embarked on building the car himself. Starting with a base 2006 Porsche Cayman GT, here’s a partial list of what he changed on the car:

  • Techart GT package – The rear spoiler alone was $5,000!
  • Victor Equipment Florio 3-piece 20″ wheels
  • APR full exhaust system with software support
  • Porsche’s X51 (Ultimate Performance) Package – An extensive factory upgrade that replaces many of the engine parts with high quality parts.
  • GT3 grill, lightweight pulley kit and intake system

All told, he spent $138,000 over three years to create the car. Certainly a one-0f-a-kind car in D.C., and beyond. Kind of cool to see someone embark on some great upgrades on the Cayman. Seems like more often than not, it’s the overlooked child in Porsche’s lineage.

If you read the article, check out the most memorable moment.



  1. caymen is a great car.this guy did a nice job.

  2. AWESOME!! The Cayman is overlooked is right! NOT anymore with this ride! The Cayman is midengine which scores big with me, I think personally i only pay a bit more attention to the Boxster for the drop top.

    I LOVE the passion this guy has for his ride too! How many would utter the word impractical to invest that much into a Cayman and how many people who are truly passionate about making a car your own… to totally get it!…I for one am in the latter category and i hope a lot feel that way too!

    Love this car!! Big thumbs up to Eduardo!

  3. Definitely unique. I hope he added all these mod’s for his own sake. If he were to sell this he would never get anywhere close to the amount he spent on it. He is customizing it to his own taste. Either way, looks good.

  4. oh BTW, Eduardo earns the coveted tag line, Eduardo…YOU ROCK! lol

  5. Definitely memorable, but that has to be the most horrible driving experience as well. 🙁

    What do you have bumping on your stereo? Uhh… the news mostly.

  6. If you’ve got the cash to spend, why not? I love the idea of having something that is completely unique. This guy did a great job!

  7. I know that this may bug some people but… 9 DAYS PEOPLE!

    I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes.

    The unretractable bonus of this giveaway is the love and depth of knowledge that I have gained for this brand. Thanks for that Ryan!

  8. That is still a lot of money to invest and he only saved about 35k by doing it himself. But I guess he has created a great memory for himself and should enjoy his car for a long time.

  9. This is great… I caught this one a while back as well, props to Eduardo for his journey. I know some may say, that kind of money you could get an xyz… but he’s created something unique that truly builds a solid story. A one of a kind TechArt Cayman in the US-

  10. Nice car but, $ buys you a new 997gt3 and $140.000 buys a 997 turbo.

  11. great

  12. great job,great story,great car.have fun with it.

  13. James O. …There is no pricetag issue or numbers issues to him, He could buy a lot of cars that in anyone elses opinion are better or perform better..BUT he would be driving something he didnt prefer. Cars are about passion, Not pricetags ..when you have the means!

    I could buy two Ford GT`s ( i do like them!) that put up near same numbers as a CGT. Ask me why i want a CGT and i`ll give you an 18 page essay answer lol

    I have the idea for Monster Boxster project (look under vanity tags post) ..and for the amount of money it would take to complete (you could estimate better than i)…look through the Porsche catalog and tell me what i could get new. It would`nt be what i want in preference 🙂

  14. amazing car but that is a lot of money. I agree
    with james o. I’d rather have a GT3 or a turbo.

  15. Galen Wood says

    That is some dedication.

  16. I need a new hobby, mine are not nearly as fun as that!

  17. 20 inch wheels will rattle the teeth right out of your head

  18. Laura Adams says

    That is one hot car. Is he running for office???

  19. mitchell says

    its always cool when someone makes a passion out of something
    that is so ordinary and mundane for others (as in, just a car to get from point A to point B).

  20. Brad,
    Well said, you are right everybody has a different idea of the perfect car. My bias is showing I think the 997 is the most beautiful car on the road today, that’s just me. I appreciate his passion and dedication to his dream and he certainly turned out a beautiful machine.

  21. P.S. Brad,
    Good luck with the CGT

  22. Thank you James O, at current average market rate of $ 325,000 . I only have about $ 324,970 to go lol …Need to get bookie out of the cafe and doing his collections 🙂

  23. THANKS for all of the positive comments! I have been featured in a few magazines as well as television shows. The money I put into this car is about right for all of the mods. Contact CECwheels in California and tell them you want a techart cayman GT fully loaded it about $70K + the price of the car which is $65-100K depending on options. Since this article published I have done a lot more things. I have a 2010 cayman european rear bumper and LED lights. X51 full internals. Check out my facebook or myspace and you will see all of the updated pics.

  24. Eduardo – how bumpy is the ride w/ 20’s?

  25. Wow, we have the real Eduardo on here now. Still doing mods to the car, pretty impressive. This looks like a pretty unique car that would get lots of looks and I bet people have to ask you what kind of car it is.

  26. I think it would be much more fulfilling to build the car yourself and make the choices you want than just pick the package from the factory/shop. And saving $35k seems to me to be a big chunk of change Jeff W.

  27. @ ruthless, i agree about the 20’s. most the roads around here would not be good for those

  28. James, I’ve done too much rim and not enough tire, not fun….but if “Eduardo” can shed some light, I’d love to hear it

  29. bookie, eduardo is at the orthodontist getting his rattled teeth put back in…He will reply when he gets back 🙂

  30. I once rode in a 3 series BMW w/ 20’s and the CD player skipped way too much

  31. wonder if you can tell the difference between his and a “real” curious to see how it would do head to head.

  32. serious dedication to an amazing project.

  33. white with black wheels looks great!

  34. ruthless bookie: the ride is firm but a good tire match mount and roadforce balance makes a huge difference on ride quality.

    Phil: I was looking into a 911 but for me the lines of the Cayman are just more sleek, I am a big 944 fan and having a hatch with a mid engine, the handling is a dream. If I would’ve went with a 911 the techart GT Street kit is what I would have ended up getting and that is an additional $100,000 on top of the $140,000 msrp. But it would have been 600+HP, I’m happy with my 400HP Techart Cayman.

    lar: Difference between mine and one directly from Techart would be some custom interior leatherwork. I am an enthusiast and part of the fun is seeing and getting your hands dirty working on my car. I dont think I could ever buy a car from the factory, even fully loaded and be satisfied.

  35. BTW I have nitto T1R 305/30ZR20 on the rear and 255/25ZR20 up front, (if I recall correcty, ill check and correct once I get home) You just have to be careful, the techart suspension does make it a firm sporty ride too.


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