Porsche Carrera GT Pleasure

Brad, one of increasingly famous PorschePerfect.com readers, sent me ANOTHER Porsche Carrera GT video. I can understand about 1% of what the guy says, but the driving, footage and sounds are pretty sweet. Enjoy!


  1. Do all GT’s come stock with that style of peddals and seats? This car especially looks like it is built for the racetrack, not the road. I think I could tell a GT from any other car if I were blindfolded. Their engines have such a distinct pitch.

    Was it just me or did anyone else want to start singing Rock Me Amadeus by Falco?

  2. I LOVE this video, I wear out the play button watching it lol. I think this is a far better setting for the aggressive driving than the street stunt vid!

    Tim Schrick is an amazing driver in an amazing car!

  3. Sweet!

  4. You can never have too many CGT videos as far as I’m concerned. Keep them coming Brad!

  5. great footage!driving speaks for itself.

  6. Ultimate super car, even approved by Jeremy Clarkson.

  7. Das Porsche GT ist Das Freschmacher!

  8. never seen anyone yet drive the g.t.without looking like he was having a blast!

  9. mitchell says

    i hope he wasnt doing that in-car commentary at the same time as drifting through those tight curves…

  10. Yea wouldn’t that be funny if he was. He doesn’t look stressed at all in this video.

  11. I guess he went through a set of rear wheels for this
    video shoot.

  12. @ phil, that’s for sure but when you own a carrera gt what’s a new set of wheels really cost you in the long run?? not a whole lot.
    what a video!!

  13. That is a sweet video. Wish I remembered my German, especially for you ruthless. 🙂

  14. At about 3:30 minutes in, I like the holeshot with that little house in the back on the hill that looks like a little church…Just cool!

  15. @Phil – I don’t know how much the wheels run, but new rear tires are ~$500 a pop. That’s an expensive video.

  16. I found my own funny Porsche video this morning.. I can’t believe I had never seen this episode of Friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bJ-iAZRlw0

  17. I have never watched friends Jeremy so i never seen that, Thanks for posting! Although im not too happy about David Schwimmer (sp?) jumping on the hood like that! lol

  18. I had the same reaction Brad. Even though its for TV and Jennifer Aniston is in the car… it’s just not funny.

  19. Andrew, Good thing that clutch is carbide…Think of the cost of that thing!…..Its supposed to last a loooong time even with a beating…..But when it does need replacing….Can`t be a pretty bill and i`m sure Pep Boys doesnt stock it lol

  20. Very nice

  21. what a sick car!! i still can’t get over the looks!!!

  22. Ryan, The driver is Tim Schrick a pro racer coming from Cart racing lot of Cup series and Touring car racing. His father is Dr. Peter Schrick founder of the Schrick camshaft works. The company produces camshaft for racing and production cars… they deliver parts for the Bugatti Veyron, F1 Teams, NASCAR, ALMS and many other.


  23. 993c4s wow that is some great info. i’m glad you enlightened us on the driver

  24. Thanks – I recognized the driver & was trying to remember his name.