Vanity Plate For Entry

This entry method was suggested by James and I have to say, I really like it. It’s a pretty easy one that will let some creativity come out. To gain yourself 1 entry into our Porsche Giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post with your suggestion for a Vanity Plate for a Porsche. Feel free to leave a little explanation if you want, or what Porsche you’d put the plate on. Not a requirement though. Here are the specific guidelines:

  • You’ll get 1 entry for leaving a comment on this post with your suggestion for a Porsche Vanity Plate
  • Your entry has to be able to fit on a standard license plate which is 7 characters using only letters, numbers or hyphens
  • Only 1 entry per person
  • Duplicates will be deleted. This is a first come, first served style based on the time stamp given by the server.
  • Please keep it family friendly. No F-Bombs, etc.

BONUS 5 ENTRIES – On the last day of our Porsche Giveaway entry deadline (July 31, 2009), we will award 5 entries to the Vanity Plate entry we like the best. This is a COMPLETELY subjective selection. Whatever we like, we will choose.

By the way, only 14 days left, including today, to enter our Porsche Giveaway!


  1. CUCME

  2. I need to give this some thought – there’s so many Porsches out there w/ vanity plates, and some of the ones I’ve seen are annoying…but not as annoying as the ones you see on Ferraris and Lambos.

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of them. I’ll get back to you on my entry, just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

  3. MYGT3RS

  4. 2FAST4U.

  5. I WON IT


  7. ICATCHR;I couldn’t help but catch your eye behind the wheel of my 911 cabrio!

  8. marque911 says

    The number plate on my 1973 911E coupe is FUN911.

  9. mitchell says


  10. mitchell says

    if you goog porsche vanity plates – there are some good ones

    BOXSEATS (ny) was clever

  11. My idea is based on my Project Boxster!

    I have come to realize there is`nt a Porsche i Don`t like .But two i seem to be super passionate about, and they are at the extreme ends of Porsche modern era cars.The little Boxster …and the Rockstar CGT! The share similarities even though at extreme ends of Porsche cars ..One most notable that makes me like them both, Mid engine.

    So how does i satisfy that passion?A CGT is out of reach unless my lotto ticket lines up or bookie makes a sizeable donation to my CGT fund lol
    The Boxster.. styled right , affordable, but not meeting the extreme performance of a CGT at least halfway…..Therein lies the answer for me

    Make a Porsche that meets a happy medium!

    Take a Boxster and get a widebody kit. Top notch such as Tech art or Seidl ….and stuff as much rubber and wheel as that extra width will allow under it.

    Then get cracking on the “Rock”. There are tuners out there that will juice as much as 500+ HP into the little Boxster (not sure if they do that with the box engine or transplant a 911 variety plant in there) You now would have a little Monster machine that looks like Mini CGT! Far costlier than your average Boxster, Far less than any CGT. But cars are about passion, Not price tags if you have the means. It would be what I WANT!

    I label anything that i like or think highly of as “Rockin'” This Rocks that rocks, You rock. Its my thing. lol

    So i would call this little monster appropriately with a play on its given birth name and What i think of it combined ….and need only swap one letter….Creativity need`nt be strained, The effort was in the build..but the plate…


  12. this is harder than i expected it to be… the problem is the longer i wait the better chance somebody else has of coming up with what i want


  14. NOSUB

  15. UBOATCDR is in reference to the movie Risky Business
    when Tom Cruise sinks his father’s 928 into the drink
    and they tow it back to the local Porsche dealership.
    “Who’s the UBOAT Commander?”
    NOSUB would be another line from that movie.
    “Porsche, there is no substitute”.

    Ah, simpler days.

    Didn’t porsche have an ad campaign where they had
    a picture of the rear of a 911 Turbo slightly airborne with
    the words: “Porsche There is no Substitute” ??
    Whale Tail!!!
    I know it’s out there.

    Anyone help me out with a pic?

  16. LOANER

  17. GT34ME

  18. Good deal

  19. SPD-PWR

  20. Perfect license plate for a perfect German automobile: PERFEKT

  21. Brad, if your CGT hinges on my contribution, then you’re DEFINITELY getting the one that says “Hot Wheels” underneath

  22. GOODBYE 🙂

  23. FREE4ME

  24. HWY2HL
    When i was growing up a neighbor had this on his mid 80’s red 911. i thought it went so well with how he probably drove the car and especially the color being red like the devil.

  25. @bookie, ahhh you are just slacking off your collections lol

  26. Sorry, I just read the fine print.. One entry per person.

    Ryan, delete all of my posts except NVOUS, although I’m partial to CMPNS8. 🙂

  27. BYE,

    kinda toolish but i would do it.

  28. Ok, so UBOATCDR is one letter too long
    so I’ll go with


  29. When I buy my red 930 Turbo I would like to do a subtle vanity plate such as the following:
    QCK 930

    Some people will figure it out and some will think it is a state issued plate.

  30. Inspired by my best friend’s dad who was with NYPD for over 25 years, he had a late 70’s white turbo. The license plate:

    MAD 911

    After 9/11, the state of NY made all plates with 911 in them be removed for different plates. His best friend and car buddy that was to help him restore his 911 was a firefighter that died in 9/11. It’s an incredible story-

    MAD 911

  31. @ ryan. i just came up with a better entry. is there any way i can cancel my first one and enter my second?

  32. C-YA

  33. Laura Adams says

    Gift Box

  34. btw – I chose c-ya based on some states that allow a “dot” as a character, but CYA is the actual entry to allow for states that don’t accommodate.

  35. i thought of this one the other day. i think it’s a good play on numbers


  36. Jennifer gersch says


  37. Robert Kerns says

    Vanity Plate Suggestion


  38. Nikki Scott says

    To express my feelings for winning the most wonderful, most awesome, most beautiful car I ever seen….


  39. ICUR12


    For all you speed demons out there. Good luck to all, and happy driving.

  41. michael a. alt says


  42. GT3FLEE

  43. is-ma-el says


  44. is-ma-el says