Porsche Giveaway Video

Here is another Porsche promo we made for our PorschePerfect.com Porsche Giveaway. Share away!

By the way, for those of you hoarding this giveaway all for yourselves, I hope you see the bigger picture and potential based on the response we receive from this one. Bottom line: if response sucks this time around, that will impact our desire to do future giveaways. Sure one of you will win a Porsche, but the rest of you go home empty handed (aside from the great community of people you belong to on PorschePerfect.com!).

I know we Americans tend to be instant/now kind of people, but take a look into the future…It could be very bright!


  1. Another great video guys! I will do my part to spread the good news (Euengelion for the Greeks among us).

    This is a great community Ryan, thanks for pulling it together.

    And thanks in advance for the Porsche that will make me an experienced contributor.

  2. I was just looking over the ‘photos’ page. The pics sent in from the Bay Area are so cool! Who here is from San Francisco?

  3. my friends never call me with a chance to win anything,let alone a porsche.

  4. It will be interesting to see what readership does post-giveaway. Hopefully most stick around to continue reading/supporting the site and spread the word so that it grows. It would be a shame if it happened any other way.

  5. Great video. Seems like professional actors. Hopefully even more people join and contribute to the site…

  6. Hey i`ve grown attached to this place! Who else will put up with my sometimes over enthusiastic posts and bad grammar!?..so i`ll do what i can do to keep it rollin! No seriously, As fun as it is now I can see great potential!

  7. @lar – keep it all to yourself then. I’m sure your non-promotion of the community is appreciated by all – especially those who work hard putting it together and running the show.

    That was sarcasm BTW in case you missed it.

  8. I think the biggest obstacle to giving away a Porsche for free online is the millions of online scammers that came before you, it’s tough to legitimize yourself. I’ll admit, when I first heard about it, that’s what I thought. I’m wondering what else PorschePerfect.com can do…

  9. You know I’ll take a mug or a pen

    I’m one of those people that’ll go to a seminar to pick up a company pen

  10. hope you guys running this are getting everthing you expected from this promotion.seem to really put a lot into it.enjoy videos!

  11. @rb – I hear Ryan has an uncle who’s a nigerian prince who needs just a small contribution from you (along with your SSN, bank account and first-born child) to retrieve his inheritance which is being held by the local authorities.
    Wanting to help out Ryan I went ahead and sent him some cash and I think you should too. 🙂

  12. mitchell says

    cute video. shouldnt the car have been in it? (unless i missed it, lol)

  13. The end part of the video, ‘What are you doing? ” “get out of my office” and then the little scare move..they way he flinched lol You guys do make funny videos!

  14. Great video and I am so impressed by the whole giveaway. This has turned into an incredible community and I am so anxious to see who wins. You should add a rule that the winner has to comment and update us every so often on their adventures in their new ride.

  15. Cool video. Good job and I will help spread the word as I have been doing. Have you thought of having a drawing after work for the local people to attend so we can witness the excitement.

  16. Andrew – I’m sending Ryan a major prize I won in an international lottery

  17. nice vid

  18. nice sales pitch too

  19. @ ryan. i want more video of your employees gettin rides in the car with you driving!!!!

  20. I too have become hooked to this community. Come what may, I’ll be here August 1st.

  21. @ jeremyi totally agree with you, i’ll still be an everyday’r on here but i won’t be here august 1st, i’ll be away from civilization so i guess it’ll be a week before i find out i won the car