Porsche Carrera GT Review Video

This video was sent in by Brad (thanks Brad!). It’s a review of the Porsche Carrera GT by Top Gear. These guys crack me up. Great video and the car sounds amazing.

After watching this video, I HAVE to find an opportunity to drive one of these cars.

One note from Brad about the video:

In the video I sent, Jeremy Clarkson suggests the CGT is a tough effort to control. But I communicate with a guy who owns a CGT and he says quite the opposite! …Like Jim Carrey says “like a glove” lol.


  1. I love watching Jeremy Clarksons videos, but make no mistake, this guy is not a fan of Porsche. Definitely a Ferrari guy. He always makes fun of the engine placement in the 911.

  2. Thats true Joe, He does lean towards the Ferraris…..But i think its honest and he is doing no acting when he shows that this particular model car wins him over as is with no regard to nameplate at all!

  3. also enjoy top gear.think lap times speak for themselves.

  4. Anyone interested should check out the top gear “the good, the bad, the ugly” on youtube. Jeremy Clarkson puts up American cars vs. European in every chapter.

    Just saw a top gear episode with the Mitsubishi Evo having a lap time better then almost any car they’ve tested, including the Lamborghini Murcielago. Any opinion on this car?

  5. mitchell says

    i think its neat to hear different experts’ take on various cars.
    …and seeing a porsche in action never gets old to me..

  6. If Jeremy wants to laugh at the 911…Just put Rich Hammond on the job and see what he says …..Gets interesting 🙂


  7. So I was just thinking Ryan, what are you planning to do once you give away the Porsche? Do you have your eye on a replacement yet?

  8. Oh! I saw the sweetest GT driving down Colorado Blvd today. It was lime green and freaking beautiful. Of course, my camera was dead.. My wife can vouch for the sighting though. It was the first time I have seen one in person. I was so excited.

  9. You can certainly tell he was just a bit biased

  10. I like at 7:20 of the video ….something about being on “Attack Mode” ! 🙂

  11. That is an awesome video and it sure would be fun to drive that car. So much power you need an airport runway or a race track to really test it.

    • and at the end of the night it’s still a ford. you just don’t get it, it’s not always about pomrerfance. if i was to be able to afford? a 911 or R8, why the hell would i want a ford mustang? btw it’s pieces , not peaces .

  12. Did anyone catch the Supercars Exposed on SpeedTV the other night where Tanner Foust tried to push the CGT to 200mph on a 1 mile straight? Sadly, he didn’t make it (I think peaking at ~185mph) and ended up running it (204mph) in a modified Ford GT putting out something like 800hp.

    I like that show though – lots of Porsches. If you don’t watch it, you should check it out sometime.

  13. I love when these guys try to do a review of a “Super Car”…they really can’t find anything wrong with the car so they start splitting hairs.

  14. Clarkson is hilarious
    british humor never fails

  15. think he really likes car more than he wants to admit.

  16. V-10. I want one.

  17. @ Andrew, Damn i would have loved to have seen that!…..I been obsessing over the CGT since my December 2000 issue of Automobile arrived and got a first look at the concept!

  18. That was a pretty sweet video on the GT3, Brad. Pretty impressive car and even they admit maybe the best 911 ever.

  19. @Brad – you should definitely check that show out then. It has really cool cars, and unlike most car shows, Tanner (who is a professional drifter and rally car racer) really pushes them. He even throws the $1M+ cars sideways and gets them smoking. He’s pretty much got the best job ever. Cool show.

  20. @ ryan. this was the video that turned me into a big carrera gt fan a couple of months ago

  21. Andrew,For sure i`m going to check that out, Hope they show a repeat of the that particular episode!

  22. I wish we had Top Gear as a regular show here in the states. Even if it was the British version. I’m talking weekly, prime time. They had the American version in the works with Adam Carolla and some other guys (which was guaranteed to blow), but they pulled it. Sad. I would have loved to have seen it just for the cars – even if it was horrible.

  23. mitchell says

    s-s-s-ilcon c-c-c-arbide lol

    (porsche is featured on the wiki page)

  24. Andrew, Wouldnt it be cool if Jay Leno incorporates some cars into his new show now and then? ! The promos show him driving that Cobra…Maybe… He DOES have a CGT in that amazing collection!

  25. That is a good idea Brad. I would love to see more of Jay’s collection. It is pretty extensive I have heard and seen a little bit of it.