Porsche vs. Porsche Video

Sorry, this is in Russian (I think), but it’s pretty funny, and sad at the same time. A little Porsche vs. Porsche with a Cayenne and 911. Give it a second to load before you get impatient and click on something else.


  1. What the @#%$!?

  2. been there, done that

  3. ryan could we please get this translated? it is pretty funny!!

  4. 911 up the wazoo! ….I think the 911 is worse off here!

  5. Ha, you nailed it. Funny but so sad.

  6. That’s a bummer for those two people.

  7. 911 driver probably texting someone.

  8. Ryan, imagine driving a 944 at an intersection, and the minivan in front of you slams on the brakes for no reason.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

    I will say though, that this video makes me think the Cayenne went into reverse by mistake in order to get both rear wheels up there like that.

  9. mitchell says

    this seems staged. it seems too perfect, too symmetrical. a lot of stars would have to line up perfectly to get that outcome i think.
    the cayenne would have had to slam the brakes hard to throw all of its momentum forward. the car behind would have had to been traveling perfectly in the cayenne’s wheel tracks, AND not veered from that perfect path when the cayenne braked, AND at a specific speed (too slow, it doesnt get underneath – too fast and its going to plow on through and probably toss the cayenne to one side or the other).

  10. aahhhh!!look out!!!bad drivers the world over.

  11. Do they know what brakes are for over there?

  12. thanks for the translation ryan. do you have some program that figured it out for you??

  13. Mitchell, I don’t think it was staged, but I do agree that the way it happened is not how it appears

  14. I don’t think it was staged. Very possible with some speed.

  15. well ruthless that’s a pretty good story you’ve got there. i haven’t done it with a car but i’ve ran into parked cars while riding my bicycle many times…

  16. James, one word, three syllables…badminton….Bike riding just isnt for you lol

  17. @James – I’m going to have to agree with Brad here… “many times” makes it a little cause for concern. 🙂