Porsche 944…Yesterday’s Boxster

I was thinking the other morning while in the shower, about the little Boxster argument we’ve seen come up several times over the past few months. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lively discussion and don’t even mind a little name calling here and there as people take sides. All part of what makes an enthusiast site great in my opinion.

What struck me though, is that the 944, and in many ways, the 928, were the “Boxsters” of my day. The funny thing is, I LOVED the 944 (hated the 924 though strangely enough) and 928 models. Still do and would like to own each at some point. Two vastly different models, I know, but more critical at the time was they were NOT 911s. Which put us in the same discussions then that we have today with the Boxster.

I remember one time someone telling me that lots of people didn’t like the 924/944 series because of where the engine sits. I guess I just didn’t know enough about Porsches back then to get it. All I could say was “well that’s stupid”. It blew my mind that there were people that didn’t like the 944 purely because the engine was up front.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think about that whole time period sooner, but it kind of put the Boxster into a different light for me. Back in the 80’s, I never thought of the 944 as an “entry level” model or lesser of a Porsche because it was less expensive than the 911 or had a different engine placement. In fact, I had a buddy who had a white 944 that I darn near got my hands on in a trade for a Honda Accord. I wanted that car so badly I could taste it!

In reality, I don’t think less of Boxster owners. As I’ve always maintained, a Porsche is a Porsche and those of us who own one (or two or ten) are dang lucky to have the pleasure of these car’s company in our garages.

What does this have to do with anything important? Not much. Just thinking. As my Dad likes to say, “That and two bits will get you a cup of coffee.”


  1. Agreed % 100.

  2. some guys who review cars for a living actually prefer the boxster.

    • @lar – That’s true. Course I also had a beef with a reviewer who said buy a non-turbo version of the Panamera! 🙂

  3. mitchell says

    i prefer the 944 to the boxster. i dont think ive ever liked the 924 (but that might have something to do with the fact that a rich jerk kid in my high school got one when he turned 16).

  4. I saw a white 928 on the road today and thought man that looks pretty cool from the back, so I took a pic for you.

  5. true

  6. can’t make a decision until i drive them myself!

  7. Phil Schneider says

    when I was a teenager, I really liked the 944, way
    more than a Corvette. And the price almost seemed
    within grasp, if a relative died and left me a bit of

  8. I agree with you. I think they are all gorgious and one should be proud to drive one

  9. I LOVE the Boxster! …Personally, I don`t so much refer to the Boxster as entry level except that some folks expect it to be referred to that way.

    I think if an opinions are formed of what the Boxster is, based on price, Then one is probably looking at Porsches for not necessarily the wrong reason, Which is status , but maybe not appreciating the actual car for what it is or what I see as preferable, Just appreciating the vehicle.

    The Boxster`s price has no meaning to me in forming an opinion, I just look at the car and find it attractive, and it has always been lauded for well performing. I see one coming in the opposing lane and it gets my attention, It looks nice!

    Much of the Boxster`s design comes from cues of great Porsches of the past, I see some 550 and 718 in it and a little 356 . The ultimate Porsche, The CGT, shows cues from the Boxster! That’s says quite a bit about how the factory feels of its own design of the Boxster.

    To me the Boxster is closest to any great classic Porsche of the past!

    The 911 is by far Porsche`s most popular and has become its signature car in all its forms….Why does no one deride it for being originally a sporting version of the VW Beetle?, That actually really was its intent! It had time to be appreciated. I guess the Boxster needs more time too…..

  10. I agree with you Brad, we all just need to give the Boxter more time and I think we will see great advancements with the car.

  11. Maybe just a little TMI about where the idea for the post came to you, Ryan, but the argument is fair and well laid out. I’ve definitely given the Boxster its fair share of rousing in the past, but I’ve started to come around in the last couple of months. Truth is – as you put it – a Porsche is a Porsche. And if you’ve never owned one you’re not really in a position to knock someone who does… Unless of course it’s a 924, then they’re fair game. 🙂

  12. Phil Schneider says

    A boxster would make me very happy, especially a S.

  13. i see your point ryan but if you’re going to spend $50k why not bump it up to $70k or whatever the 911’s cost used?

    in dating terms for a young guy like me i’d say with the boxster it’s like you are just dating a girl but nothing great, with a 911 you’ve married the girl and things are amazing but still have a prenup just incase there’s a better 911 that comes out later =)

  14. the 944 Turbo is an awesome car…but if you compare any Boxster to any 944, the Boxster wins hands down on build quality.

  15. kiley breITLING says


  16. This RS60 Boxster is also more proof of how much heritage is in the Boxster and all the more reason it should garner more respect and appreciation! Its a direct salute to the 718

  17. Agreed

  18. boxsters rule!944 also pretty darn good.

  19. marque911 says

    Interesting observation. Being a one-eyed 911 owner (1973 2.4 E coupe as my only car for 11 years) I had dismissed the Boxster until I drove one. What a revelation. It’s truly a great car.

  20. about the pics,those are two really nice examples of both models.

  21. read frank’s story.he’s had a lot of porsches and seems to have really liked them all.

  22. what about the cayenne?maybe the best porsche built today!

  23. I don`t know maria, Different class vehicle (SUV) and nothing similar in the past to compare to like the argument with 944 and Boxster comparisons.
    But Cayenne certainly starts arguments on its own with no comparison, but its worth it for Porsche $$$ !


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