More Carrera GT “Fun”

Brad, one of our readers, sent in this video. Let me just say, I certainly don’t condone this type of thing, especially in a car like the Porsche Carrera GT, but hey, since it’s already on video…

To be honest, I’m amazed at what people are willing to do in their Porsche supercars. I don’t think I have the nuggets to do that kind of thing in traffic in ANY car let alone a Carrera GT. Guess I’m just not cut out to be a rich kid driving daddy’s ride.


  1. is it bad of me to think that was a little funny when they were revving the engine around people??
    i can’t believe how fast people will drive through trafficl

  2. I wonder if that car is still in one piece – but I have to admit, the tunnels were pretty damn cool.

    If you own a Porsche and have a teenager, keep the keys with you AT ALL times.

  3. Another crazy GT video. That sound in the tunnel is way loud. Would sure love to drive one of those.

  4. should be called”more clowns looking for attention”.

  5. Ryan, did you change the logo in the header of the website? For some reason it looks different to me, but I just can’t figure out what it is. Was that dot between Porsche and Perfect always there?

  6. @ andrew. you are very observant, i was thinking something was different too. if nothing has changed i guess we are both loosing our minds

  7. tunnels are one thing,streets another.guys like these that give sport car drivers a bad name.

  8. Check out everyone on the street just stopping to stare at the guys car. Talk about an attention grabber.

  9. @ joe. i bet most those people on the side of the road looking don’t even have a clue what the car is.

  10. mitchell says

    lol that was great. i cant do crazy stuff like that because i cant afford any tix…

  11. yea, this guy is a little on the scary side

  12. You all see how this video was captioned Carrera GT Fun? Well i`m starting a Carrera GT “FUNd”.. Who wants the privilege of being the first to drop a buck or two in the glass? anyone I`ll take paypal! (i am SERIOUS you know!) 🙂

  13. Ha Ryan! serious?, I will post it! lol….Hey if i can get some momentum and it gets serious, I`ll put up a website, document looking for one, and life with it…videos and all! 🙂

  14. @ Ryan, OK! ahh here goes….and Thanks! … anybody want to help? i`ll make good of it 🙂

  15. wait – Brad, you want us to help you buy a CGT? OK, but you mean this one, right?

  16. scary

  17. i sure wouldn’t want to be riding my bike on the roads these idiots are driving

  18. bookie, i got one of those already….Its really time i move up 🙂

  19. Sweet Lord that thing is fantastic! I mean…I love my Nissan Versa (Hatchback- alloy wheels and everything, yeah, it’s pretty manly) but I’d take one of those…

  20. BTW bookie, In the time it took you to make that joke, You could have went out and roughed someone up for some dough they owed you and helped out a poor guy like me with a contribution!, I am beginning to wonder if you are really a ruthless bookie at all! lol

  21. “More to come”. Next time we see this Carrera GT,
    it will be wrapped around a phone pole. Kid needs to
    go to driving school and learn to live without a desperate
    need for attention.

  22. fantastic

  23. Apparently owning a CGT makes it all cool to drive and act like a complete asshole. Seriously? Driving through the tunnels = awesome. And look, I’m not that far removed from my wilder driving days, but those ended when I ceased being a teenager and, as you said Ryan, having my daddy around to help when things hit the fan. Anyway, getting it sideways pointing at oncoming traffic and revving your engine in front of a woman with an infant baby while your friend videotapes and laughs = not cool. As the father of a one month old, I’d wanted to punch that asshat right in the mouth if he did that to my wife and baby. Just saying. Have at least a modicum of respect.
    And yes, your car is pretty bad. 🙂



  25. General idea seems to be not positive for this, Hey i just watch this video for the car, Its already been captured so why not? lol…….Good thing i didnt send the one of him doing 200 at night lol

    @ Andrew, I didnt see the mother and baby .

  26. @Brad – watch the crowded street scene again when the camera in the trailing Porsche pans to the right and the guy laughs.