9ff ‘Widowmaker’ Live Up To It’s Name?

Take another quick look at the picture above. That is one stinking sexy ride. Gotta say I love the paint, wheels, everything.

It’s a “run-of-the-mill” Porsche 911 GT2 that has been turned into…..well…..a husband killer.

9ff has transformed a 520 hp, kick butt ride into an absolute rocket. The BT-2 or ‘widowmaker’ has been boosted to 850 horsepower propelling it from 0 to 62 mph in 3 seconds flat! It has a top speed of 240 mph. I guess that’s fast enough for the drive to the store. By the way, you can get to 200 mph in only 19 SECONDS. The huge increase in ponies under the hood produces 678 lb-ft of torque.

If you’re asking yourself why it’s nicknamed “the widowmaker”, go back and read the previous paragraph. Notice they don’t offer a ‘widowermaker’ version. That’s because it’s mostly guys who are stupid enough to jump into a car like this and drop the hammer. We like to drive now and “think” later.

Bottom line, this is more car than most of us will EVER have the pleasure of slipping behind the wheel of. Beats the heck out of the 2001 996 Twin Turbo I drove a couple of weekends ago (which was cool in it’s own right).

[Source: Wired.com]


  1. I believe this car goes from 40-60 mph in under a second. That stat is amazing…

  2. I love how everyone is going back to the retro Le Mans Gulf paint scheme – always my favorite.

  3. @ ryan, this color scheme was my first choice for pacificpedaling.com team colors but unfortunately they were already used.

  4. I think this color scheme is partly responsible for my becoming a Miami Dolphins fan – Living in CT I’m supposed to be a Jets, Giants or Pats fan, but NO…I chose the team that looked like this. Seriously, I was like an 8 or 9 year old kid, and that’s what I based it on.

  5. Blue and Orange always looks good and I think I will go steal this car. All you have to do is get in and get it started, who is going to catch you after that?

  6. Phil Schneider says

    The Gulf Porsche light blue – orange paint scheme is
    pretty much my favorite for race cars, all time.
    The black spider rims look like my MV Agusta F4 1000 R rims.
    Perfect. Then you have the monster engine, I assume the
    ridiculous suspension and brakes. I’m a humble man of
    humble means but if I ever really wanted an obscene amount
    of money from ill gotten gains just to get a car like this, now would
    be a really good time.

  7. Beautiful car, I am dumbfounded by the stats on this baby.

  8. WHOA! awesome! Like bookie said, cool how the Gulf scheme is showing up on some supercars lately , Ford GT for one, Looks right at home here! The paint scheme, the stats, You sure this is a street car?lol ….Now if they come out with the Martini colors, That would be super cool! The Gulf fits this nice but the Martini scheme really does so even more!

  9. Blue and orange is a great color for a sleek vehichle. It needs no introduction. The car is a very cool ride.

  10. I’d like to think I do… but if it ever came down to it I don’t think I’d have the cajones to “drop the hammer” on something like this. That is almost too fast for anything — and 240mph is too fast. Maybe on some salt flats or something, but this Porsche is not built for the street.

  11. remember colors from when i was a kid.real eye catcher.

  12. Andrew, if you think 240 mph is too fast, do a google search on the 2011 GT1. Right Now the fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche wants to TOP that with the GT1.

  13. mitchell says

    that is a good color combo – on a great car!

  14. That is a hot looking car. I love the colors also. Would be a great car for the track and really wish I could experience that 0-60 in 3 seconds. Awesome.

  15. wow,that’s crazy fast!

  16. Phil Schneider says

    Had to look at this snap again. this car is beautiful!!!

  17. i think the acceleration would snap ones next if they weren’t prepared for the take-off

  18. The article talks about the next generation or two of GT9’s that puts out 1120hp. That would rattle your bones pulling away from a stoplight for sure.

  19. Sounds like the general feeling is this car may have a bit too much horsepower……Myself, I share the sentiment of the great Carroll Shelby.. “i didnt think there was such a thing as too much horsepower” 🙂

  20. Certainly eye catching

  21. rb – 254 on the GT1 is too fast yet again. 🙂

    That thing sounds like it is going to be just nasty when it arrives.

  22. kiley breITLING says


  23. old adage:how fast do you want to go=how much do you have to spend

  24. marque911 says

    That colour scheme has become a cliche. It really only works on a 917.

  25. looks like a cartoon car. Shame the looks dont match the oomph

  26. @marque911, if you are speaking of Porsches, I may agree a little (but still looks good here) Among other marques however, One other car could fight the argument of where this scheme belongs, The Ford GT(40)

  27. Russ & Brad – you’re both technically correct, although the paint scheme is that of Gulf Oil, not of a particular model of car.


    From wikipedia:
    Gulf Oil was most synonymous for its association with auto racing, as it famously sponsored the John Wyer Automotive team in the 1960s and early ’70s. The signature light blue and orange color scheme associated with its Ford GT40 and Porsche 917 is one of the most famous corporate racing colors and has been replicated by other racing teams sponsored by Gulf. Much of its popularity is attributed to the fact that in the 1971 film Le Mans, Steve McQueen’s character, Michael Delaney, drives for the Gulf team… In the same era, Gulf Oil also sponsored Team McLaren during the Bruce McLaren days, which used a papaya orange color scheme with Gulf blue for lettering.

  28. Thanks Andrew. Yes Gulf Oil was its own entity and simply sponsored many types of racing almost like Budweiser does now .. but they were so prominent in Road Racing of the 60`s and 70`s that we see all those 917`s and GT 40`s dressed with their colors.

    I have an original poster of a 917 that i got as kid from the Gulf station down the street from where i lived. It wasnt a handout but a promo poster for the dealer as advertisement..So cool!

  29. Joel Arnold says

    What are the paint codes for the brighter Gulf blue and brighter (almost neon) gulf orange. The Le Mans / Steve McQueen car is too light for my 944. I saw these colors on a 87 Carerra, seen on the “Pelican Parts” website posted by Noney. I tried to chat on that site but was unsuccessful.