Porsche Giveaway Entry Opportunity

I’m sure everyone is keeping track, but in case you’re not, we only have about 3 WEEKS (!!!) left to enter our PorschePerfect.com Porsche Giveaway. To help encourage some more entries, we’re adding a new entry method today. And it’s an easy one.

To gain yourself 1 entry into the Porsche Giveaway, simply post a comment on the following YouTube video page:


Here are the guidelines:

  • Post a comment on the YouTube video page located here: PorschePerfect YouTube Video (you will need a YouTube account to post a comment on a YouTube video)
  • Once you’ve commented on the YouTube video, come back to this post and leave a comment indicating what YouTube username you used to make your comment
  • We will be confirming all comments using the username you specify, so make sure it’s correct
  • As always, DON’T SPAM YOUTUBE!!! Follow their rules and guidelines for commenting.

The video is the same promo for our Porsche Giveaway I posted about an hour ago, and it’s pretty entertaining. Grab yourself an entry today!


  1. I literally just made a youtube account, so I could gain an entry to the contest, for a chance at greatness. Brownie points? Anyways, my username on youtube is joe11171987.

  2. Watched this great video and posted comment on You Tube. Username is jwgolfer72.

  3. Ryan – who is Brock?
    that’s what I posted as ruthlessbookie

  4. just to confirm, it’s ONE entry for ONE comment, capped at ONE, not TEN entries for TEN comments from the same person…right?

  5. can’t wait to pick it up!

  6. Commented as clubba68

    Nice try though rb.
    I’m glad you only posted twice so you didn’t have to delete all 10+ posts. 🙂

  7. bikecrank

    that’s my username


  9. I didn’t post twice, did I?

  10. oh, I see what you meant, Andrew – yeah, I posted the same comment twice on YouTube, so I deleted one of them…nothing to do with trying to spam though, it was the same comment twice – I’d have been more creative than that if I were trying to rack up posts

  11. I was there! Now i`m here!..Here i am Brad, At youtube, I am “TheRagingBee” 🙂

  12. I just made a comment on your YouTube video, which was great btw! It’s really cool that you guys are doing this contest. My username is cpruett7. If I win the car, I’ll definitely be making my own YouTube videos!! 🙂

  13. Commented on youtube as as jbjoseph01

    Sunny California is perfect for this car. I promise to make room in my garage if I win.

  14. Michelle T says

    Commented on YouTube with username is preprandialcocktail. Fun video!

  15. mitchell says

    posted comment under freaaa1 at youtube…

  16. 3 weeks!!! woo hoo!! I spent the evenining ” Porsche Hunting ” in Old Town. I can’t wait for my wife to get home so I can email em to you. I see the finish line.

  17. James Maszczak says

    Just posted youtube comment.


  18. I watched your youtube video. Great prize! Add me in please………

  19. I love seeing everyone’s user names over on youtube. It’s fun to see what names people choose for themselves outside of PP – where it’s pretty much a first name basis.

  20. i really wana win this porshe

  21. What state is the car in?? Just wanted to know when I win it!!

  22. Brock, as always, amazing video. I still think that your Thriller video at Mayfield was one of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  23. I commented as JGreener75.


    ksbreit. Brock, hand me the keys now!

  25. posted a comment as tac2685.

  26. Great vid. Funny and informative. I sure want to win. Me rollin…They hatin…

  27. dee dee – it’s in Oregon

  28. This is incredible. Props to you guys for the best giveaway on the web! I commented at youtube, eriktford is my user name-

  29. how many more giveaway opportunities are there going to be ryan??

  30. Ok haven’t been to Oregon in awhile so that’s cool when I have
    to pick it up as the winner……..It will look great driving around
    Saugatuck, Mich…..He he

  31. Umm – this beautiful machine would be home in most anywhere around the world (starting with my garage :-)!

  32. beautiful

  33. Galen Wood says

    commented as gatorgalen

  34. Getting the polish ready !! Real shiny

  35. Ken Lorisz says

    Love the video! Never met a Porsche I didn’t like!

  36. Robert Kerns says

    I posted on the YouTube Video under name “Braingasm.”

  37. Stu Pidastle says



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