Tempting Porsches #19 – Reader Edition

I can’t help but post these Tempting Porsches. If nothing else, it provides for a nice little break while you dream about the possibilities.

This Tempting Porsche was submitted by Joe. He mentions finding this car while looking for other 911s on Cars.com. He said it was one of the lowest priced 911s in his area.

It’s a black w/tan leather 1999 911 Carrera Coupe. Just under 74k miles and, from the pictures, it looks to be in great shape. Here are some details from the ad:

Features: Moon Roof, Leather Interior, Heated Seats, Alloy Wheels, Remote Keyless Entry, ABS, Air Conditioning, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Cruise Control, Driver-Side Airbag, Passenger-Side AirBag, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Seats, Power Steering, Power Windows

Standard Equipment: Pass key Security System, Air Conditioning, 17 inch Rim Size, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Dual air bags front and sides/active belts, Power Windows, 4 wheel standard Anti-lock Brakes, 6 Cylinders

Seller’s Notes: Features Include Moonroof, Leather, Heated Seats, Alloy Wheels, Keyless Entry, Rear Spoiler, Climate Control and More!

Not too shabby. Price? $17,900. That’s a heck of a lot of car, even if it does have some flaws, for under $18k. Might even be able to get them down another grand or two depending on how desperate the dealer is and have a few grand cushion to address mechanical stuff that is likely lacking.

Thanks Joe!


  1. mitchell says

    thats almost in my price range for the category of “fun second car” – at least thats how i view it. which brings up an interesting question – is/should a porsche be an everyday car? i dont think it ever would be for me.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely getting down. As for a Porsche being a daily driver, I drive the Giveaway Porsche almost every day. Even take my 13 and 15 year old kids to school in it. They complain once in a while about getting in the back seat, but love it when the top is down.

  2. clean car,very nice car.

  3. I would drive one as a daily.
    That 911 isn’t bad. However, charcoal or black interior is much better than that beige/tan.

  4. Phil Schneider says

    I got a bad feeling about this particular one.
    Give it an inspection to prove me wrong.

  5. I would give 18 grand for it

  6. I think anything newer than a 964 is a good daily driver, older than that, you’ll want to keep AAA on Speed Dial. Not sure I’d drive a GT2 or GT3 every day, but Carrera 2 or Cabriolet works.

  7. @ mitchell, Yes a Porsche is an everyday car! Just work hard enough to afford 7 of them and get a weekly rotation going lol .

    This car in particular, Nice …and price sounding nice too upon passing a good once over. I have to admit i like darker interiors for darker exterior colored cars though….But thats a preference, This car is still beautiful.

  8. Any idea which dealership this is at?

  9. That is a pretty good deal for the Carrera. Prices are getting within reach. I would drive a 911 daily, except in the very worst weather.

  10. Beautiful car, great bargain at this price.

  11. Found it on cars.com but her is the dealer website: http://www.luxurycars.com/index.html. Just got to enter, then search Porsche. The same dealer also has an 01 911 Turbo for 33k. Not bad.

  12. first thing i would do would be change the front lights to the 2002 model 911 lights

  13. James, I like your creativity. But I wouldn’t change a thing on this car.

  14. @Joe – Thanks for sharing the site!

  15. James – the headlight conversion is around 8k in parts alone…better off just buying a 997

  16. rb – Wow, $8k? I was at Foster Auto Parts this last weekend and saw an ’02 911 that had been in a front end accident. It was in the rebuildable cars section and I thought that would be a fun project (with an older model most likely for me), but $8k for headlight hardware? I think I’ll stick to purchasing ones that are in good shape.

  17. Andrew – the conversion from a 996 to 997 front end for vanity sake is expensive – just replacing what’s already there due to an accident will still be costly, but not as much, since your insurance company will pay for it.

    So if you don’t like the looks of your 996 front end, park it under the rear end of an SUV, then slide some cash to the autobody guy.

  18. Update: this car is STILL available, which is pretty surprising at that price. I actually noticed it a few weeks before I even sent Ryan the e-mail about it being a potentially tempting Porsche.

    This leads me to one of two conclusions.
    1. It’s a really bad economy and used cars still aren’t selling well.
    2. This car is a lemon/need serious work.